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why i didnt get an email that was sent to me?

my colleague have sent me an email 2 days ago and it was CC'ed.
- The CC'ed personnel got their email, however mine didn't got to me
- 2 days later after i have informed the IT department,  i turned on the send/ receive/ read report and created a folder for in inside the vault.
- after doing that i moved the folder from the vault to the inbox but it wasn't there, i decided to create another folder but with different letters.
- once done i expanded the inbox to find that the first file is there.
- after that i started to move the reports in after i check whats written in them, upon few minutes from doing so i noticed i have 1 unread email, so i opened the folder to find that the email which i should have received 2 days ago is at the very end of the folder which was created few minutes ago.

kindly, justify this case because i am put in a very tough spot because of such indecent.

Maitham Alaraibi
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Sjef Bosman
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More information, please...
Client? Outlook? Thunderbird? Notes? Web-based?
Server? Exchange? Domino? Gmail?

Try to be methodical, be like a doctor, and diagnose the problem. There are things you know, like: you finally received the mail, so something must have gone right. Where was it? Did the server keep it? Did it get stuck in my mail client?

We need to have more info about your system before we can help you analyse your situation.
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further to the previous comment, "Outlook"
it started with a delay in sending an email on 8th of august 2015, where i have sent an email to a customer on the morning and it ended up getting to him at the afternoon,
on the same date i have emailed my colleagues and all of the have received my email.
however, on the same date at night one of my colleagues in respond to an email i have sent to him he emailed me and CC'ed other related personnel as will, all have got his email except for me.
2 days have passed, i have raised this complaint after i received an attachment from one of our colleague that has the email he sent, after that i activated send/ read option from tracking and made a folder in the vault so i can move this kind of emails in it, a second though occur to me and i changed its place by simply dragging it to the in box folder.
once done with dragging i waited to see the folder but it didn't appear and it is what led me to create another folder, after creating the folder the first folder appeared so  i decided to keep it.
i moved all the reports of sent/ read to that folder and after few minutes i saw an unread message of (1) on that folder and that's how i spotted that email which i was supposed to receive 2 days ago.
Ah, Outlook... Well, I'm not an expert on that subject, so I'll ask for this question to be moved to the Outlook/exchange zone. I'd look for some trace information on the server, about your mail, to see if and where it got stuck. You might need to have your Outlook reinstalled and/or reconfigured.

Good luck.
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Will Szymkowski
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From your description, I would first suspect there may be damage to your PST/OST file for which there is a utility named SCANPST that came with Office to check and repair it
If that didn't fix it, my next move would be to do a repair of Microsoft Office which you do using Programs and Features in the control panel.
Unless you are a local admin on the PC, you'll need your IT folks to do both of them.

After that, I'd start inquiring about spam and/or antivirus software being used on the server.  A few years ago, a large email scanning service in the UK was attacked and email were taking 2 1/2 days to be scanned!
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i have activated the tracking and i started receiving the feedback however even the feedback massage is delayed in getting back to me with the details