Delete folders by using a text file or similar

Dear all,

I have quite a few folders that I need to delete in a directory. I currently have list of folder names to which require deletion. I was wondering if there was a scripting way if I could have say a text list, either csv,txt or similar that could be read and folders deleted accordingly?

A background story behind this.. I had a folder hit by a virus revently. Fortunatley, not all folders were affected. With the help of experts from EE, I've managed to export the folder contents into a list (csv) using Powershell and have analysed the data. I'am now left with names of the folders that have been affected.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Subash SundharanIT Infrastructure Architect Commented:
Try this PowerShell code
GC C:\Input.txt | %{Remove-Item $_ -Recurse -Force}

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C:\Input.txt file format..

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The code will delete all the sub folders and contents of the folders listed in the text file..

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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
Here is a BAT script approach.  It reads the lines of the specified text file, and removes the entire directory tree below the specified folder, and all files.

If the list file has the full path to the folders, then this will work:

@echo off
set ListFile=c:\temp\list.txt
for /f "usebackq tokens=*" %%A in ("%ListFile%") do rd /s /q "%%~A"

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If the list file has just the name of the folders, and not the parent path where they are located, then this would handle that:

@echo off
set ListFile=c:\temp\list.txt
set BaseDir=d:\folder
for /f "usebackq tokens=*" %%A in ("%ListFile%") do rd /s /q "%BaseDir%\%%~A"

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N00b2015Author Commented:
thanks Subsun and Bill!  both scripts worked well. saved me loads of time. :)
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