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I have built a basic form in Google Forms for a local club to collect data on who buys tickets each week in a local draw. The details for about two hundred people need to be entered each week. About 90% of the customers are repeat buyers, so their details are already in our Google spread sheet.

This is a lot of work for the guy who has to enter this data each week. So I’d like to arrange a system whereby the form would auto populate with details taken from the spread sheet as soon as the last names field has been filled in on the form.  

I’ve played around with the Get Pre-filled URL but I was unable to get it to work in this instance. I suspect that this would a very useful fix if anyone can manage to find a solution.

I have reproduced the fields in my form below.

ADDRESS 1 (Text)
ADDRESS 2 (Text)
ADDRESS 3 (Multiple Choice)
WINNER (Radio button)

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Here is how is it working Get Pre-filled URL:
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I don't think Google Forms has the ability to do this based on previously entered data. The pre-filled forms are only available for static entries into fields per form.

I'm looking into alternative options for you to fix this problem, as I agree, this could be a big time saver for you!


Hi Leslie & viki2000,
Thanks for your input. The limitations of Get Pre-Filled URL would only work if I had a seperate URL for all 200 people, so that's not really going to work in this case. I'm still trawling the net myself for a fix but without any luck so far.
Thanks for your input.


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