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Tsql. Assign variable values from table

I am trying to assign variable values in a proc from a table. I'm doing this so the values can be changed in prod without editing script, just inserting to the table.  For purposes of this question I have left out details like versioning.
My problem is how to assign the value to to @variable at runtime
My code currently reads (EXAMPLE)
                Dim @MyVar1 as varchar(100)
                dim @myVar2 as datetime
                Set @MyVar1='Frankenstein'
                Set @myVar2 = 'January 2, 2011'
                SELECT * from myTable
                where Monster=@myVar1
                and myDate=@myVar2
myValTable contains columns myVariable and myValue:
myVar2||'January 2, 2011'
myVar3||'Spark Plugs'
I can't assign the values using dynamic sql because that would be in a different scope than the rest of the proc. (correct?,I've tried it, no go)
I'm thinking pivot the table on col @myVariable then assign with a SELECT @myVar1 = myVar1
but that seems like a lot of code, since the number of variables is unknown.
Any cheaper alternatives?
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You can do something like this

declare @out_var varchar(max);
execute sp_executesql
    N'select @out_var = ''hi world''',
    N'@out_var varchar(max) OUTPUT',
    @out_var = @out_var output;
select @out_var;

for dynamic variable value allocation
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Not clear on what you're trying to do.

Does the table define the variable name(s) (?) or just the value(s)?

If the variable/value is completely unknown to the proc,  how would it ever use it?
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Scott the table is described in the question ( myValTable).  The variables are known to the proc.
    @MyVar1 = MAX(CASE WHEN myVariable = 'MyVar1' THEN MyValue END),
    @MyVar2 = MAX(CASE WHEN myVariable = 'MyVar2' THEN MyValue END),
    @MyVar3 = MAX(CASE WHEN myVariable = 'MyVar3' THEN MyValue END)
FROM myValTable
I think pivot table is the way to go
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