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Retrieve parent document value from iFrame

Working on a solution for a Sitecore CMS page that includes passing a variable from the parent page to an VBScript ASP page in an iFrame.  The code I currently have in the parent page is:
    var locationID = '@Model.IgnitionID';

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And the code in the receiving iFrame page is:
Dim barkBark
barkBark = ("#locationID", top.document)

...later in the code...
<p>Location ID: </p>
<%response.Write(barkBark) %>

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I know the parent page code works - the document.write shows the correct code.

When I run the code as-is, I get an 'expected ')' message, with the prompt to put it after "#locationID".  I have tried adding it there, nesting it another set of parens, changing top.document to parent.document.body.  The anticipated value is a GUID.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Julian Hansen
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@Julian Hansen - thanks for the input.  I tried getting the code you recommended to work, but as you pointed out, security prevents direct interaction.  However, we were able to create a solution that added the necessary ID to the URL being passed to the iFrame and were able to resolve the issue that way.  Thanks for the suggestion!
While the original recommended code did not workout, the input offered led to the eventual solution.