Rename file based on contents in the file?


I have a request to rename a file based on the contents inside that file.


Filename: -.log
Date of report: 2015-08-05 19:50:31 -0400
Configuration: Attribute Definition
Job ID: 9988
Transfer file: msc_attributedef_20150805164651.csv
Line count: 2
Lines ok: -
Lines not ok: -

I need a script that will rename the -.log file to msc_attributedef_20150805164651.log. Which is the Transfer file name inside that file.
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This should do it...
use strict;
use warnings;
my $file = shift or die "Usage: $0 filename_to_rename\n";
open IN, $file or die "could not open $file: $!";
my @lines = map { chomp; s{^Transfer\s+file:\s*}{}; $_ } grep m{^Transfer\s+file:}, <IN>;
close IN;
if (@lines < 1) {
    die "could not find a Transfer file line in $file";
} elsif (@lines > 1) {
    die "found multiple Transfer file lines in $file:\n" . join("\n", @lines);
$lines[0] =~ s{\.\w+$}{.log};
rename $file, $lines[0] or die "could not rename $file to $lines[0]: $!";

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perl -ne '($n)=/Transfer file:\s*(\w+)/ and rename $ARGV,$ARGV=~s/[^.]*/$n/r' -- -.log

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Here was what I was coming up with while the others were posting...

 perl -ne 'm/^Transfer file: (.+)\./ and close(ARGV) and rename($ARGV, "$1.log")' -.log xxx.log xxy.log 

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I figured you might want to perform this change for more than one file.
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