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Excel 2010 - problem adding spreadsheets to a Word document.

When I try to import an '.XLSX' file into a Word 2010 document and then convert it to BPF I get the following error "There isn't enough memory to complete this action.  Try using less data or closing other applications.  To increase memory available, consider:  Using a 64 bit version of Microsoft Excel - Adding memory to your device."

The next error (most of the time but not every time) is "We found a problem with some content in file.xlsx.  Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can?  If you trust the source of this workbook, click yes'

My PC has 10 Gb of RAM with a 16,000 Mb page file on the C drive!
The Excel spreadsheets I am working with are very small.  All less than 1 Mb.

If I reboot, I can often get it to work.  But don't understand the reason for the problem.

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Tom Farrar
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I wonder if it is an old Excel workbook that has been saved over and over and is carrying a lot of format?  Is it?
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We researched and found that part of the problem might be that we were using files saved as .XLS sheets. So we saved files in .XLSX format.  Nothing changed.  The files are really not very large at all.  Some of them are less than 100Kb.
Also, I have increased the page file from 6 Gb to 16 Gb.  I have also doubled the memory from 4 Gb to 10 Gb.
When I open the task manager and look at performance CPU usage is absolutely minimal.
It is not a problem I have seen as you've stated, but I do recall older spreadsheets that are used over-and-over again can accumulate a lot of formatting (not useful to the spreadsheet) that can cause issues.
If that is the case, what is my best option?  Do I have to recreate them from scratch?  Can I copy my data to a blank sheet and save it to a new file?

I remember that you used to be able to reset the 'last active cell' by deleting columns to the right and rows to the bottom of the last active cell, then saving it.  Does that still work?
What are the steps you are using to "import" the Excel worksheet into Word?
What is actually happening is I have an Excel spreadsheet and a Word document.
When I try to combine them in one PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Std (v10) that is when Excel gives me the error.

Sorry if I was not clear about that.  So I am not importing to Word from Excel.  I am combining the 2 files into one PDF.  Making sure to use the .XLSX and .DOCX format.
As you suggested you might try to copy and save to a new file (probably paste as values) and see if that works.  Not sure about how Adobe Acrobat works when combining files and creating PDF's.  Have you done this before with the same Excel file (at an earlier time)?
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Tom Farrar
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Hello Tom,

I just gave my client your latest idea.  I will let you know if he can get that to work for him.