Using both a bluetooth speaker and regular desktop speakers Win7

I am setting up a system for a client.  Win7 64 bit on a Dell Vostro desktop with creative sound card.  I need to set up sound on his regular speakers and also get it out of a bluetooth speaker.  When I go to Control Panel>Sounds I can either set one or the other as default getting music out of one or the other but not both.  How can I do this?
Alan SilvermanOwnerAsked:
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Interesting question, I had to research it myself.  Hope this can help:

How to use two audio devices simultaneously with Windows 7?

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Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
I suspect you'll have a problem with delay on the Bluetooth speakers resulting in the two sources being slightly out of synch.

It's always a problem with bluetooth headsets. No problem with music, but disconcerting with video when the sound is slightly out of synch with the video.
You cant Alan.
Blue tooth is wireless and the Bluetooth adapter is USB,
 the speakers and or headphones have no wires.
If they have wires then they are not Bluetooth.
It is possible when you use speakers that have the the socket on front of speakers to add another set of speakers or headset to.
Or add a double adapter to add another audio cable to but not USB Bluetooth Adapter.
I use these Logitech and they have several holes in front one for headphones and one for mic.
Plug wired headphones or speakers into this.
If your desktop speakers are also Bluetooth I cant see how a Bluetooth headset ( which is tuned in  to the BT adapter) could also send to wireless speakers. Should be possible so long as both devices are BT.
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Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
I have a set of standard speakers with subwoofer attached to a standard pci sound card.  Then i have an additional bluetooth speaker.  Only that one speaker is bluetooth.
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Voicemeeter  did it per Waynee88's link.  It's a terrific app.  There's even a way to take care of the speakers getting out of sync.
Thanks to all.  
Glad to help.  Have a good weekend!
Interesting link you posted Wayne88
but this is based on using two audio devices simultaneously not bluetooth
But if that worked for you alanlsilverman good luck to you.
I don't see any mention of an Apps?
Have a great week end.
Thanks Merete, interesting indeed for an interesting question.  I had to think about it then look it up.

Yes the link was for two audio devices but it's the same concept because when you're streaming to BT speaker you're not using the sound card driver, you're using the BT audio driver.

So if you want to produce sound to both the wired speakers as well as the BT speakers then you will need to use both the sound card driver/device as well as the Bluetooth audio stack driver/BT audio.  That's two audio devices.
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:

I may have spoken too soon.  I just took the computer to the client's office to install.  It didn't work well enough there.  I had very little range with the bluetooth speaker and the computer speakers were affected too.  They stuttered.  I don't know if it's the bluetooth I put in, or the bluetooth speaker I put in.  In the office it had to go through a wall.  Whatever, the configuration I put together, computer, sound card, speakers, bluetooth speaker and the Voicemeeter software, together did not do the job I wanted them to do, which was to be able to output music both in my client's office and in his studio.  I'll have to figure out something else.
I did wonder, thanks for the extra info, through a wall usually consists of wires hidden behind and all you see is a network plug or a wall socket of sorts so you plug in a computer either for ethernet connection or for wired connections. To give you an idea  
Overview of Multiroom & Whole House Music Systems
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The simplest direction you could do is stream over the internet if he has a PC in the studio.
What are the walls made of?
Can you drill a hole through?
A single mono cable works brilliant but it does mean cable.
What is the device in the other room Studio.
I use a long single mono audio cable from my PC speakers audio out at the back of my tower I have connected a double adapter one is for the green speakers plug on my tower the other is for a single cable
2 x 6.5mm Stereo Sockets (Female) to 6.5mm Stereo Jack (Male) Adaptor
Like this 
Just run the single 3.5 male to male audio cable over to your amp or PC line in
Get a really long one other wise you get extenders 3.5 male to female join them
Let me know what is in the studio to connect to

More choices depending on your budget
The Best Whole Home Audio System
Hi alanlsilverman,

I wasn't aware the bluetooth speakers were meant to be placed far away from the source and divided by walls.  Bluetooth signals in general are weak and not strong enough to penetrate walls.

Wifi solution such as the Sonos mentioned above are better suited for multi-room setup but they are costly.

May I ask the purpose of why you wanted a wired speakers to work alongside the bluetooth and what are you trying to achieve?  Are you trying to provide a cost effective audio throughout the office environment?

Not too long ago I bought a BT headphones with a wireless BT dongle transmitter, that's the key that adapter has to be a transmitter not receiver..It plugged into his front speakers and then turned it on  turned on the headphones then hold the button on the top of BT transmitter till it blinked blue this tuned in the headphones, then anything I played ( mp3) on his PC played through his speakers as well his headphones.
The headphones still pickup the sound from the bedroom but it's only 5 meters away.
This is one method but works from PC to BT headphones
Images for Bluetooth Wireless 3.5mm Stereo HiFi Audio Dongle receiver Adapter Transmitter
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
How about powerline audio systems?  I've used powerline routers to get around wi-fi problems in people's houses.  I know there are systems out there. I wonder if they are cost effective and which ones are good.  Best would be a card outputing music from the desktop directly to a wall outlet and speakers that you just plug into other wall outlets.  Don't know if something like this exists.  
I don't believe these exist alanlsilverman>speakers that you just plug into other wall outlets.
Streaming seems to be the way to go these days
Speakers can be mounted in the ceiling.
Going back to the Sonos this very popular, Shows how to route cables
The Sonos PLAYBAR is a sound bar that can be paired with wireless speakers and a wireless subwoofer for a full surround system.
Here's another idea using
iFinityTM Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker
Stream music throughout your home and outdoors with the iFinity wireless speakers. You no longer have to start drilling hole through walls to run long speaker cable.

The wireless transmitter streams your music uncompressed in full CD quality to up to 4 iFinity speakers per transmitter. The wireless signal easily goes through walls and ceilings.
Read on here
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thank you again.  I continue.
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