Toshiba Satellite S55T won't charge

It's a Toshiba Satellite S55T and it's got a very strange issue I've never seen before, there is power in the battery and it is charging but windows says it has 0% and if I unplug the AC adapter in the bios the computer will run on battery power but if I unplug the cable when windows is open the computer will go into power saving mode and shutdown because it thinks the battery has 0%. my first guess was just replacing the battery i found one and plopped it in there a month later and it has the same issue, it shows 0% the computer is only around 13 months old I tried windows 7 and windows 10 both have the same issue
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Norm DickinsonGuruCommented:
Try powering off the computer, disconnecting the AC power, removing the battery, and holding down the power button for thirty seconds or so. Then put the battery back in, connect the AC power and power it on again.
it could be the charging circuits of the laptop are bad - then you need to use the warranty to get it repaired/replaced
you can try a bios upgrade also -) that helps in some cases
noxchoProduct ManagerCommented:
If you use any boot Cd such as Linux or WinPE - does it power off as well when AC cable disconnected?
If yes then contact Toshiba warranty service.
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LordMannaAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, on Tuesday I'm going to try a Ubuntu live CD and check if it charges, I've already tried everything else including a new battery and it seems the new battery is worse then the old the old seemed to charge just windows couldn't see the percentage the battery was at, the new one doesn't charge at all. I'm going to try a Bios update too that's a great idea, my fear is that the charging circuit or the spot the battery connects to is broken and that's just the worst possible thing.

Thanks guys, I will report back on Tuesday.
Norm DickinsonGuruCommented:
You should also try a different power adapter, as that could be the source of the problem.
LordMannaAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone, I took the whole thing apart and whipped out the power testers and couldn't find a single issue with the motherboard, same goes for the AC Adapter. I had my fill of this computer and just went on experience and ordered in another battery and just like always my gut was right and it now charges and works perfectly.

I ordered the previous battery on ebay and just trusted the header of the item which said "Tested" and assumed it would work but it turns out the battery they send me is just as broken as the one I had already.

Well it's all sorted now thanks for your help everyone. :)

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LordMannaAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, if they didn't send me a junk battery I'm sure both your solutions would have done the charm. :)
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