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We're running a Hyper-V server with several VMs running domains on it. Each server group has a typical Windows setup: an AD server and an RD server.

As we have added more domains on VMs (we have about 2 dozen on there now), we've noticed login times and performance seems to be slowing down. Yet, every resource we can measure on the Hyper-V host (CPU, memory, hard drive access) suggests the hardware is not the cause at all. Response times of VHDs are consistently < 4 ms. CPU speeds on each VM are consistently < 20%. Memory usage on the servers is consistently < 50%.

Are there any other tools or metrics we can use to diagnose where there may be a bottleneck with Hyper-V?
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This is a toughie - but something I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Your primary focus should be looking at the performance of the host - not the individual virtual machines.

First of all - DO NOT TRUST Task Manager - IT LIES!

Here's one of my Hyper-V Servers.  CPU is averaging about 2-4% right?

CPU Utilization
Wrong.  The Hypervisor treats virtual CPU performance separately, and does not include it in physical host CPU.  In order to see actual processor utilization by virtual machines is through Performance Monitor on the Hyper-V host, using the Hyper-V-specific counters.

Hyper-V Hypervisor Virtual Processor\% Guest Run Time: To see processor utilization of virtual machines. This is better than looking at a processor within a virtual machine because clock calculation drift can affect the processor utilization information.

Hyper-V Hypervisor Logical Processor\% Total Run Time: To see overall utilization of the processors, including host and virtual machines. The processor in Task Manager on the host shows only CPU use from the root partition itself.

Performance Monitor
naturally, there are a lot of Hyper-V related counters that you can look at to look for performance issues.

Lastly, if you have System Center Virtual Machine Manager, this can give you a better overview of your virtual hosts

 SCVMM Overview
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

Is this a cluster setting?


I should have thought of the performance counters... thank you!

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