ASP.NET update XML from GridView

Hi Experts,

     I  am writing an  ASP.NET application  to read an XML file show it in a Gridview and do insert/update/delete  done in grid reflected  back in XML File

     I have the standard code for making it happen for the standard XML format . All works fine with no issues

    But My XML Hierarchy is as follows    ( Loosely speaking, You can consider it as   Branches  of an office as root nodes  and Employee details under it . The issue is there are multiple root node as below)

      <Branch1 Description = "N1Description>
             <Name> TestName1 </Name>
            <Position> Pos1 </Position>
             <Name> TestName2 </Name>
            <Position> Pos2 </Position>

    <Branch2  Description = "N2Description>
             <Name> TestName21 </Name>
            <Position> Pos21 </Position>


      Can I take just one node out of it ( say Branch1)  and show EmployeeDetails  in GridView    and Update the details  ?   Infact , It is the update /insert/delete  that I am more concerned to do as showing on grid is not an issue   . Is there a way of achieving this ?  
     I need just the code for 1)  filling the Dataset/Datatable from XML file    and   2)   Writing back to XML      - BUT HONORING THE STRUCTURE OF MY XML
Sam OZAsked:
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Rafiq J.Net DeveloperCommented:
This link would help you perfectly..

kindly revert us if u have any query.....
Sam OZAuthor Commented:

  Thanks for the link. But I already have things working in a similar way .

    in my case the branches go as   <Student1>  <Student2>     instead of <Student>  
    Also, In my case it will be like School1, School2   and then show the student details in a given school

    Infact , IF SOMEONE CAN TELL HOW TO  refer a table in Dataset by some ID    ( along with the XML structure for that) , it may be good enough for me . I need call by Id for a different routine

    If I keep the structure like
      <School  ID = "School1" >
           ..... Sub nodes of Students
        <School  ID = "School2" >
           ..... Sub nodes of Students

       From this NodeList how can I call a  School Node  by it's ID  ( say, School1)
Rafiq J.Net DeveloperCommented:
<School  ID = "School1" >
           ..... Sub nodes of Students
        <School  ID = "School2" >
           ..... Sub nodes of Students

Design in Grid:

 <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Id" HeaderStyle-Width="50">
               <%# XPath("@Id") %>

C#- code:
id value is passed by you...

  XmlDataSource1.XPath = "/Schools/school[ id ='" + ID+ "']";

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