smartphone/tablet video format and windows 7

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we have a user who has both a sony xperia smartphone and tablet. They have attached this device to a windows 7 laptop, and viewed a video on the device via the laptop (windows 7 enterprise). I don't know which OS sony xperia devices typically run, or what if you downloaded a video from the internet would the likely format be, and what would the likely default application that would play the video? I am presuming the video was downloaded and saved to the phone, but could possibly be streamed on the internet service on the phone but somehow viewed on the laptop (is this possible?)
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also from memory when you attach a smartphone to your windows PC via USB cable, it gives the option to sync the files, any idea by default where they would be saved on the windows device?
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it is probably a h2.64 video (defacto standard these days for html5) with the extension of .mp4 which could be streamed and no you can't view it on other devices.

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