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Hello All,

I am experimenting a wierd behavior on my internet connectivity. Even though I can ultimately get to my websites, sometimes I get "Unable to connect to the website", then it refreshes and the website is displayed.
I have make a couple of test as PING and TRACERT and it seems that some of the ICMP packets are lost. I have also test my internet speed and it seems that is OK.

What else can I do on my end to verify that our Internet connectivity is working properly?
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Do you have access to your firewall? Can you ping your firewall without losing packets? Can you ping from your firewall's WAN interface to the websites, if so, is there packet loss? Can you ping the gateway device from your ISP without losing packets? The idea is to find out which hop is having the issue.

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I am at a conference all week where the main conference areas have secured Wi-Fi with password and insecure Guest access elsewhere with no password and on the latter, I frequently have to refresh the page to get it to load. It is not a problem in my computer.

Make sure your router has upgraded firmware and that wireless access is secured. Check this and then please let us know.


Hello Experts, Thank you for your posts! it resulted that my ISP had to restart their router since it was reporting some routing errors. after the restart, internet connectivity began to work normally.

It was a good advice to ping and tracert from my firewall, with this I was sure it was nothing to do with our devices in our end.

Thank you!

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