Hourglass routine help from an old class module

I have an old hourglass routine i found on the net.

What I need:
I would to Change the cursor to  "Aero_Working_xl.ani"

after defining the specific cursor change.
I need help in properly calling this procedure.


' DESCRIPTION: Class Module clshourglassXL
'This class not only provides the SetCursor method, which provides a 
' convenient method of setting the hourglass cursor, but it automatically
' restores the cursor when the class object is destroyed.
'Although you can call the Restore method to restore the cursor, it is not
' necessary.  Using clsHourglassXL guarantees the cursor will be restored
' when the subroutine terminates, even if the subroutine terminates due 
' to an unhandled run-time error!
' Adapted from Access VBA
'    cCursor.setCursor
'     OR
'    cCursor.Restore
' Changes the cursor hourglass
'Declare your clsHourglassXL object within a subroutine:
'Sub Eyeglass()
'    Dim cCursor As New clsHourGlassXL
'    cCursor.SetCursor
'    cCursor.Beam
'    cCursor.Arrow
'     'Perform lengthy tasks here
'     cCursor.Restore
' End Sub
Option Explicit
#Const DEBUG_ = False                  ' Set to False for Release version or True for Development
Private Const C_MODULE_NAME = "clsHourGlassXL"
Private mintOldPointer As Integer ' Save Current Pointer State
Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    On Error Resume Next
    '  Save current mouse pointer
    mintOldPointer = Application.Cursor
    '  Change to hourglass
    Application.Cursor = xlWait 'vbHourGlass
End Sub
Private Sub Class_Terminate()
Const C_PROC_NAME = "Class_Terminate"
End Sub
Public Sub SetCursor()
Const C_PROC_NAME = "SetCursor"
    ' Set mouse pointer to hourglass/wait state.
    Application.Cursor = xlWait
End Sub
Public Sub Restore()
Const C_PROC_NAME = "Restore"
    ' Return mouse pointer to normal display.
    Application.Cursor = xlDefault
End Sub
Public Sub Beam()
Const C_PROC_NAME = "Beam"
    ' Set mouse pointer to IBeam display.
    Application.Cursor = xlIBeam
End Sub
Public Sub Arrow()
Const C_PROC_NAME = "Arrow"
    ' Set mouse pointer to NorthWestArrow display.
    Application.Cursor = xlNorthwestArrow
End Sub

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Roy CoxGroup Finance ManagerCommented:
I don't believe you need that code to achieve what you want. Try this

Option Explicit

Sub Main()

    Dim lLoop As Long
    ''/// routine would include actual code you want to run
    With Application
        .Cursor = xlWait
        For lLoop = 1 To 99999
            Application.StatusBar = "Processing " & Format(lLoop / 99999, "0%")
        .StatusBar = ""
        .Cursor = xlDefault
    End With
End Sub

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I believe the "aero_working_xl.ani" cursor has replaced the Hourglass in newer versions of Office

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FordraidersAuthor Commented:
Thanks !!
Roy CoxGroup Finance ManagerCommented:
No problem
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