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Hello, I'm want to compare two column contents between each other and to make sure they match up. How would I do this with the following document attached
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If you cut'n'paste column [A] of the [Compare] worksheet to another worksheet, sort that data into alphabetical (ascending A-Z order), & return it back into column [A] of the [Compare] worksheet, then repeat the process for column [ B ], you can then add the following formula to cell [C1] of the [Compare] worksheet:


Copy that down from [C1] to [C716], & you will see all 716 rows say TRUE.

That is, all the data from column [A] matches the corresponding data in column [ B ] (after the path/folder has been removed from the data in column [A]).

Please see the attached workbook for the end result.

I have also added some in-cell formulae in columns [F]/[G]:

Count of rows in column [A] (non-blank cells): =COUNTA(A:A)
Count of rows in column [ B ] (non-blank cells): =COUNTA(B:B)
Count of rows that match (TRUE) in column [C]: =COUNTIF(C:C,TRUE)

All three show a total of 716 (as expected).


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