How can I permanently get rid of malware and adware?

Recently My computer has become infected with adware and malware. I could not even use a browser to look up how to removed. I downloaded Adwcleaner on another computer and transferred it to the infecte one on a usb. After running it, I thought it was fixed but after about 10 minutes of a clean computer, the ads and pop ups return and render my computer nearly unusable. Is there a setting on Adwcleaner to permanently clear off the adware or do you have any tips or programs to get rid of it. It has become a serious problem and has made my computer almost unusable. Any help is appreciated!
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try the following:  Download, install and run Process Explorer from Microsoft. Look under Explorer for strange (alphanumeric) processes. Kill these processes, exit and do not restart.

Now run Malwarebytes to remove malware.

Truly, if you have too many issues, back up, format and reinstall Windows.

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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Try Bit defender web based scanning tool. My suggestion, take data backup and reinstall OS again. Then install good antivirus which have internet security feature also, like from Symantec, AVG or Mcafee.
download wise disk clean portable to thumb drive
emsisoft emergency kit scanner down load it install on a thumb drive ( on clean system) run it and update it
plug in on infected system run wise disk cleaner (verify settings)
run the emsisoft emergency kit scanner on infected system
reboot if necessary
down load free version (recommend up upgrade for runtime protection in future)
Reboot in safe mode run another scan with malware bytes (skip update since it updated after install) clean all infections reboot and scan in normal mode
If you really want to be sure, download and run tdskiller also to check for any root hints
After these should be clean
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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Once you get things cleaned up use Ad Blocker Plus.

This keeps those annoying ads off of your web pages.

AVG has my vote.  I have been using it for probably 15 years.
Kanti PrasadCommented:

Sometimes one antivirus will not remove all viruses. Just see the link below

Hence I would suggest to first download  Malaware byte and run it first.

Then download Kaspersky and install it and run it and also this will also protect you for free for 30 days
So, the longer term issue is how do you keep this from happening again?

1. Good AV software.
2. Install and run MalwareBytes often.
3. Think smart - Don't click on things you know you shouldn't click on or go to web sites that you know you shouldn't go to.
4. Be paranoid about any link or attachment you get.  Examine the email to see if it makes sense.  Hover your mouse over any link before clicking on it to see what's actually under the link.
5. Use some email filtering system; either one your purchase or if your ISP has one; make use of it.
6. Create a separate email account that you use to sign up for crap on the Internet so that your good one doesn't get inundated with garbage.

Ultimately there's no way to ensure that you'll never get it again, but taking these steps will bring your risk way down.
Set up another, clean user account and use that. Most adware and popups are usually confined to user accounts and aren't there when you logon as another user.

Use good web-browsers, like firefox, and not IE, and in firefox install addons like adblock plus. When browsing, take care not to visit untrustworthy sites, and don't click on every link and button you find. Also, when installing software, use the advanced option and disable any taskbar addons etc that it wants to install with it. If possible, only download the software directly from their manufacturer's web-site, and not via other 3rd parties where they might offer downloads too.
I generally recommend to run RogueKiller or rkill to kill (hopefully) any running malware processes before then (without reboot) running MalwareBytes, TDSKiller, etc.

As an add-on to John Hurst's comment, sometimes when you kill a process (say with Process Explorer), it will automatically spawn another process to take it's place.  In cases like this it can be helpful to suspend the process rather than killing it.  Once the rest of the malware has been cleaned (so it's no longer monitored) you can kill the process.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@Mikeyz456 - Thanks and I was happy to help.
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