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Dear Experts,

I would like to insert data from one table to another with some conditions.

Think that we have table-A(a,b,c) and table-B(x,y,z). I will do  "insert into Table-A select x,y,z from Table_B" but with the conditions: if x='Sigma' the y will be x (the inserted value will be same as field x), if x='Teta' the y will be character value 'Beta' while inserting.  

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A case statement should work.

something like:
insert into tableA(a,b,c) select x, case x when 'Sigma' then y when 'Teta' then 'Invalid', x from tableB;
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extending on what slightwv posted with some small corrections

INSERT INTO tablea(a, b, c)
     SELECT x, CASE x WHEN 'Sigma' THEN x WHEN 'Teta' THEN 'Beta' END, z
       FROM tableb;

You didn't specify what should happen if x is NOT either Sigma nor Teta.
The query above would return NULL for those values.
If the CASE should default to "y" in that scenario then try this instead

INSERT INTO tablea(a, b, c)
    SELECT x,
           CASE x WHEN 'Sigma' THEN x
                  WHEN 'Teta' THEN 'Beta'
                  ELSE y
      FROM tableb;

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