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Windows 2008 R2 DNS Server - reverts to previous IP address

I have a DNS server running on Windows 2008 R2.  It was originally configured with an IP address of X.X.X.3 and changed to X.X.X.4.

At random times the server is reverting to it old address.  It actually has to IP addresses listed in the TCP/IP configuration. The X.X.X.3 on the top and below it the X.X.X.4.  Removing the X.3 things work again, until it happens again.  The server is also DHCP.

What am I missing?
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How many NIC cards do you have on the server and are both connected?  If multiple NICs are present and connected, did you team the card?  Also, ensure that no DHCP is enabled on the NICs.
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Only one (1) Nic in the server.  The IP Address was changed, server restarted.  A short while later the single nic has two IPs.  I remove the unwanted one, and it comes back again somehow.  Puzzled. I've never seen this issue on any other box.
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