subdomain hidden forward

Hello all,
My domain is with my registrar , and it points to GoDaddy NS.
at GoDaddy I manage my DNS Zones, and I host my website and emails and all other stuff.

I want to create a subdomain and make it forward to

my registrar claims I can't create this with them cause there is no IP to point to, and they don't host my zone files.
GoDaddy claims that I can't create this with them cause they don't host my domain.

what is the best way to do it ?

Note: GoDaddy cant host this domain cause they are not a registrar for the cTLD of my domain.
and I don't want my registrar to host my DNS, cause I want GoDaddy to have my DNS records with all the services related to it for best support.

Any ideas what you guys would do ?
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A DNS record is different than a URL.  You can't create a record that would ever have something like "/?id=6767" at the end of URL.  About the closest you can do is a CNAME record, which as an example would direct a query for "" to "".

If you were running a webserver, you could do a redirect to a specific URL.

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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Why don't you create the subdomain at Godaddy, point it to a subfolder on, then redirect using .htaccess to

Da_Ch0senAuthor Commented:
the CNAME can't have /?id=6767 either.

Dan, I though of forwarding a page to the longurl, but I want the long url to be masked (hidden) can I do that using the htaccess forward ?

Note: before pointing my NS to GoDaddy, I simply created a subdomain with my registrar and forwarded it to the external link using (hidden forward) and within a couple seconds it worked as a charm.

would love to have that same thing.

thank you
Prasadh BaapaatWeb Designer & DeveloperCommented:
Well even if your domain register is different than Godaddy, you can ADD your domain to your hosting package, then you have to change DNS to point to godaddy NS .... and when you change DNS it points to the site hosted with godaddy.

in this scenario, you can perfectly create a subdomain... this facility is given to you in your hosting package. so go to your control panel in go daddy and look for a link like add subdomain.

I have hostings with and and there i know where to go for adding the subdomain.

godaddy is a similar hosting company to above companies. so it will also have this basic facility.

or post the screenshot of your control panel (obscuring any imp info you want to hide) and I can tell you where it is.

if its a Cpanel, then below screenshot will help you to identify the linkCpanel screenshot
Da_Ch0senAuthor Commented:
I ended up talking to GoDaddy they created a special link for me to forward my cname to, and then point my cname to it.

that worked

thank you all for trying to help
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