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html5 select

i have extremely option text in the last option and I want to limit to width to 200px.
How can I do that?

<option value="value1">value1</option>
<option value="value2">value2</option>
<option value="extremely_long_value3">extremely_long_valuesdfgsdfgsdgsdgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfsdfsdfgsdfsdfsdfsdffagsgfadsfgsdfgsdfgsdf3</option>
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here is how you limit the width to 200px by modifying the first line to be like this :
<select style="width: 200px">

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Anwar Saiah

<select id="myselect">

#myselect{width:200px; text-overflow: ellipsis;}
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no. I want to limit the <option> not the <select>.
It is just one of the <option> is too long/width
well then instead of:
<select id="myselect">
<option id="myoption">
#myoption{width:200px; text-overflow: ellipsis;}
not working
select boxes are usually the width of it's longest option, unless otherwise specified. So you would need to specify a width for the select box, as Misbah suggested.
I Just tested it on jsfiddle and it works.
What browser do you use?
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