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Having difficulity with New Router Settings with Fixed Ip

This is a case of who knows less, me or my ISP (Brighthouse).
I replaced my NetGear R7000 router with a NetGear R8000 because the R7000 failed. I copied many of the R7000 settings before uninstalling it and applied them to the R8000. One of those setting was the option to select a Dynamic or Static Ip. I selected Static along with the Ip address but could never connect to the internet. Brighthouse technical support claims the choice of Static or Dynamic is made in the cable modem, not the router and the correct router setting should be Dynamic because the Cable modem only outputs the fixed Ip address.
My R7000 wasn't set that way (it was set to fixed and worked fine for a year or more). Even so, If I choose Dynamic in the R8000, it connects to the internet just fine but now I can't connect remotely to my Synology which is looking for the fixed address.
I've added port-forwarding identical to the R7000 but nothing seems to allow me remote access. I use the Plex Media Server and Video Station for movies. Help anyone??
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There are two possibilities:

1. You have a fixed IP address. Your ISP is correct - they assign that. So check if you do and if it changed (it should not).

2. You do not have a fixed IP, but it does not change (common). So you used for your Synology. But likely, the IP address would change since you changed the router. If this is the case, you need to obtain the new address and use it for your Synology.

I think 2 is more likely than 1.
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Not sure why you would even suggest option 2 since the whole point of my question regarded static ip's.
I contacted Brighthouse (again) this morning and this time, this support engineer claims because the cable router is bridged (whatever that means), my router should be set for the static ip address. Of course when I do that I'm right back where I started with no internet connectivity at all. They are dispatching another tech for tomorrow to swap out the cable modem. Somehow, I don't have much faith the outcome will be different. I'll let you know.

As an aside question, when I go, is that showing me the cable modem input, or output?
The cable modem will handle the Static IP. It is not (normally) a function of the router. Let us know after the modem had been swapped.

I suggested option 2 for completeness. It is also how I work in my office setup.
The IP search will show you the external IP address of the modem.
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Countless hours and multiple tech support calls and visits wasted on this one with no one person really understanding the static ip concept within their own organization.

Finally, on Sunday morning a tech came out committed to resolving the issue.

And what was the issue you ask??

My ISP assigned my static Ip to someone else in addition to me! Once they reassigned me a new number, it was over in 20 minutes. He set my router to static, not dynamic. I changed my GoDaddy routing number and was back in business.

Before the tech discover this, he swapped out the cable modem with a stand alone modem (no router function) but that didn't work either (wrong model). Apparently they don't make stand alone modems that work with static Ip's. He installed another one like the one I had previously and bridged it.

My gut tells me I could go back and change my router to dynamic and it would still work but as the saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!
Thanks for the input