Log Shipping using Redgate

Hello there,

I am trying to setup Log Shipping between two SQL server 2008 database. They are on different network. One is in the datacenter and one is in our office. I installed the RedGate Backup at the datacenter side. Now the stage where I nee dto give a network path. I have placed a Seagate NAS at my office and created a folder called redgate which i gave read,write access. Now when I enter the static IP of the NAS like so, \\\redgate i get folder does not exists.
On the datacenter server when i enter this IP in the RUN of windows,it opens the folder window. What am I missing,please help!!

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sql can not back up to a network directly, you have to add a backup device which will be a url share on both sides.

a better option would be to setup a vpn between the two.
zolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your feedbacks. But it is not clear what you meant  
you have to add a backup device which will be a url share on both sides.

As I stated I do have a backup device i.e. Seagate NAS which I trying to use as the Share network for the two server
The device needs to be added on the sql server using SSMS under server objects, backup devices.

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zolfAuthor Commented:
Can you please tell me how or provide some links where it shows me how i can do it
Here is the reference

Thedificulty with this setup is that it will write out a single specific file such that should the other side miss an import the DBs will be out of sync.

IMHO, instead of starting with where you are, define what it is you want to achieve and then see whether redgate is the way to achieve what you need/want.

are you trying to have the Dbs online on both ends, or is it a standby type of setup, the DB is in recovering mode onto which it restores transaction logs?

Is DB mirroring an option? (you would need to make a VPN connection between the systems.........
zolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your feedback.

What I am trying to do is I have a production server where users do their daily work on it. Now on this server I also have a set of users who only us the database for reporting. Now due to these 2 set of users using the single server which has my SQL server 2008 database on it. the performance of my application has become slow. I want to divide these 2 set of users on different servers. The production server will be used by the first set of users and the users who only use if for reporting I want to setup another server which will contain data from the previous day.So these report server will be one day behind the production server which is fine. I will sync the reporting server every night with the production server.
what versiom of sql standard/enterprise?

log shipping, the db to which log is shipped is not live.

ent version and mirroring/log shipping you could create a snapshot on the other side that the reporting side will query.

as data accumulates over time the needed resources expand.,
zolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments. I have attached a diagram showing my layout and my goal. Hope it makes things easy for you now to understand what I am tring to do.

what versiom of sql standard/enterprise?

It is SQL Server 2008R2  Developer

log shipping, the db to which log is shipped is not live.
Yes it is not live. the reporting server will only be used for reporting.

ent version and mirroring/log shipping you could create a snapshot on the other side that the reporting side will query.

as data accumulates over time the needed resources expand.,

Did not understand what you meant.
zolfAuthor Commented:
Please somebody help!!
I do not believe the redgate log shipping will do what you are looking for meaning a redgate log shipping destination server making the database available to offload your report query away from the production server.
Presumably this is the redgate walkthrough you looked at

An enterprise version of SQL server makes it possible to use the standby mirrored DB (Slave) or a DB o subject to log shipping (restoring state) as the base from which a snapshot can be created and queried offloading the reporting load to the "offline/backup" sql server.

The further difficulty is that it is unclear whether you took the network latency/cost/impact or whether those who need reports or whether you have reporting setup on the remote or the users will have to remote.
zolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments. Yes that is correct I was following that link to create the log shipping. I am stuck on stage 3 as I mentioned in my beginning of my post.
Do you have an option to establish a VPN between the two servers?

A NAS can not be ..........
zolfAuthor Commented:
yes I have the option...but what use will vpn be of
you would be able to transfer the transaction logs directly between the two systems.  usually the log shipping is made up of three tasks
1; generate the log
2: notify the destination
3: destination: copy the log
4: restore the log
5: on the source: maintain space by deleting transaction logs older than 72 hours or ....
6) destination: cleanup the copied transaction logs

DB mirroring might become a possibility
You are trying to use the NAS as an intermedierry.
and this will only get you to a point of having the DBs in sync with one being in recovery mode, getting you back on how you would access the data there.

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