hard drive hitachi wont initialize because of cyclic redundancy check but runs and it is recognized


I have hard disk hitachi 320GB    runs perdectly, no click, no noise, smart values red by crystal disk info ll ok.
But my disk won't initialize because of crc error.

Disk is recognized but in windows management disk i watch not allocated and initializing it all ends up with crc error.

Disk remains cold even 2 or 3 hours working (max 40 celsius)

LOW LEVEL FORMAT programs gives me  'media write protected'  and write errors on all sectors.

I am trying to understand if the problem is mechanical (heads )  or firmware or electronic card .

Best Regards
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You have a hard fault on the drive. Recover what data you can - the CRC error may prevent complete recovery. If that is the case, you likely will not be able to recover the data from the fault. So get what you can and replace the drive.
Run the disk manufacturer's diagnostic utility on it. If the disk still is covered by warranty, it should give you the error code you can use to get it replaced or otherwise RMA'd.

The tool you used to diagnose the disk only shows you it's SMART errors, and those don't do a proper long, surface diagnostic.

You'll find the manufacturer's diagnostics on the UBCD:

noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
The failure is electronic part. Sometimes upgrading the drive hardware helps but I doubt that this drive has newer firmware.

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scorpione2005Author Commented:
Just a few hours ago  i was able to perform test with HD Sentinel professional v 4.40
Here are results:

smart values:  disk is excellent,  estimated life greather than  1000 day

- short test                :  Completed with success    ( 2 minutes long)
- extended test         :  Completed with success    ( 110  minutes long)
- read surface test   :  error 23 (crc error on all sectors)
- write surface test  :  error the media is write protected

Very strange for me!

Best Regards
You must use the disk manufacturer's diagnostic, and not any 3rd party stuff. Only the manufacturer's diagnostic will show you reliable results.
scorpione2005Author Commented:
Ok, then  i go on  as you suggested me

i download and install the sw below

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Your hard drive is 99% likely to be failing, so do back it up .
use the hitachi drive fitness test  you find it here :  http://www.hgst.com/support/hard-drive-support/downloads
scorpione2005Author Commented:
Hi all

Thanks foor all comments.

I have tried many tools and followed all your tips.
Even by the last one Ultiimate Boot CD 5.3.5   i got no more useful information.

Of course i tried also  hitachi drive fitness test.

I got always the basic problem    crc error in read  and no possible write to disk
so all these tools  were no useful to me.

I don't want to believe that all surface disk is damaged also because smart values are perfect
HD Sentinel was the only tools able to do something with my disk.  (short and long test ended up successfully)
At least i could hear the normal noise due disk activity !!!!

I dont't think if disk runs or is recognized by windows then elecronic card is perfect1
So i think  there is a failure somewhere in electronic card or firmware corrupted!

I'd like to try download firmware for my curiosity  but i think this is a think impossible for me.
Look for another electronic card identical and with the same firmware is even more difficult for me

I think my disk could be useful only to people who wants make experiments .

Thanks all
Best regards
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Your drive needs replacing and we said so, so I am not sure why you only accepted a single answer here.
scorpione2005Author Commented:
Hi all

Here me again


I contacted other 2 laboratories expert in hard disk and told me  that the problem is due to logic damage
So corruption data in electronic card, platters somewhere.

Download update firmware could be useful told me

Surfing on internet i have found at this link

I discovered my same firmware PB3GCS0B   for HCC545032B9A00 HARD DISK

Will it be trustable?    (only 3kb)

Best Regards
Marco from Genoa, Italy
scorpione2005Author Commented:

Firmware downloades is ecryped !
I am so unlucky!

Marco from Genoa, Italy
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You can try it. If the data is not vital for you - means in worst case you can allow loosing it. Because to get the data back you will need to send the drive to data recovery company (in case updating the firmware won't fix it).
Have you scanned the drive's firmware from a Boot CD?

Firmware downloades is ecryped !
Maybe contact Hitachi and ask for the firmware? Or on hitachi forums.
scorpione2005Author Commented:

Nothing to do

Does anyone want my hard disk ?    ihihihihhi

Marco from Genoa
scorpione2005Author Commented:

i have just read this fantastic post

So if i have no firmware i could think to extract from an identical hard disk


Is it so?

best regards
Marco from Genoa, Italy
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
If the drive is exactly the same and has the same firmware then you can exchange the logical boards. That's true.
from what i have read - that was ok for older drives; but it does not work anymore for modern ones. i've read that the stored info on the logic platters differs from disk to disk (bad sectors etc)
but this does not mean that you cannot try it

problem is to find the same logic board, and same firmware number
scorpione2005Author Commented:
Hi all

Another super expert answered in this way

Dear Marco,

This sounds like a disk which has been repaired with a PCB replacement / transplant. The CRC data on the ROM chip is different from actual on disk, which is why it won't initialise. But it is difficult to be sure without further tests.

scorpione2005Author Commented:
Here is the site about crc initialization error of Peter who provided me with last answer

I put even my video on youtube  (you can check my problem in detail)

But if the CRC data on the ROM chip is different from actual on disk  what is possible to do?
I suppose the board replaced was wrong !!!!

p.s)  i bought this hard disk from ebay for a few euros because i imaged this kind problem
were interesting to solve !!!!

Best Regards
Marco from Genoa Italy
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Then trash this drive. If the original board of the drive is not available then you do not know what the correct one was on that drive originally.
You can't do anything and are just wasting your time. The disk is dead. If it still has warranty and you didn't further damage it with your trying around, you can get a warranty replacement from the manufacturer. If not, you can RMA it to the manufacturer (provided it isn't an OEM disk), and they will send you a refurbished disk. For the first option you have to account for the shipping/packaging costs, and for the 2nd option for shipping/packaging and the cost of the refurbished disk. Sometimes you can save the shipping/packaging costs if you return the disk to the PC hardware shop where you bought the disk or PC at who will organize the shipping for you. They may have several disks to send back which would reduce the cost.

If it is an OEM disk, you have to look at options with the PC manufacturer, as they then handle the hardware.
scorpione2005Author Commented:
Hi anyone

Final verdict!

Main chip controller of my PCB Board  is damaged !

Now i feel more happy ihihihi

Luckily on ebay i have found a buyer that wants to buy my Hard Disk  (electronic/informatic shop) !  Wow

Best Regards

buy a bad disk?   i'd like to see who does that
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
I guess someone who repairs the HDDs and uses parts of bad drives which are yet functional.
But scorpione, I would not sell the drive out on ebay, in case I have some information on this drive. I would rather destroy the drive.
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