data overlapping between two detail sections in crystal report in web application

I have crystal report in web application (vs2010).  i have two detail sections  (detail section 1 & detail section 2 ) .  The data in detail section 1 is overlapping with data in detail section 2 ( extending to detail section 2).  

how to resolve this
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It can't unless you have UNDERLAY FOLLOWING SECTION set for Detail 1 in the SECTION EXPERT.

Check the Section Expert for the detail section


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vensaliAuthor Commented:
I have almost 15 to 16 detail section each  displaying data from different column of db. none of the detail sections has UNDERLAY FOLLOWING SECTION Set .  all have keep group together and suppress blank section set.
The way Crystal works is a top to bottom and left to right.

Do any fields have CAN GROW set?
FIelds that can grow can overlap objects below them in the same section.  An object cannot grow beyond the end of it section.  That is one reason for using multiple sections is to allow fields to grow without overlap

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vensaliAuthor Commented:
Is there any limit to can grow option of the field. because in some cases, one of the  section data is extending to multiple pages. in these cases, overlapping with other section data is happening.
Ok, I could see that happening.  You can limit it.  I believe when you check it there is another box you can use to limit it to say 5 lines.  It probably has a 0 in it at first which mean no limit.

vensaliAuthor Commented:
I have set it as Zero. (i,e unlimited lines). Is this the cause?. But i won't be knowing the number of lines the data contains. for some cases it may be as low as 10 lines and in some cases it may be  500 or more
The limit will be the new maximum growth.  

DO you really need to show all 500 lines?
If so there may be better ideas since 500 lines would take 8-10 pages

Try setting it to say 10 and see if you still have an issue of overlap.
Turn it off and see if there is overlap.

Are you seeing the overlap in the report designer when you preview or is it users when they run?
If it is users perhaps if you set the dissociate page size or set the NO PRINTER option on page setup.

vensaliAuthor Commented:
It is discharge summary and all the investigations carried out for the patient during his/her stay should be printed in the report.  Currently I have found some workaround solution which is working fine  ( I have give line spacing as multiple of 1.25 of normal and increased width of the sections.)

Is there any other way to achieve this.
I haven't seen the issue except with objects in the same section.

It might help if you could u/l the report so that we could take a look at it.  I just tried creating a text field in one detail section, typing a bunch of text into it, making the field about 1 character wide and checking "Can grow".  The text field extended about 5 pages, and then I got the second detail section.  There was no overlapping (which is the way it should be).  You mentioned "Keep group together" and "Suppress blank sections".  I tried changing the options for the groups and sections on the report, and it didn't make any difference.  The first detail section never overlapped the second one.

vensaliAuthor Commented:
Currently it is working fine with some adjustments in width of the detail section. I will post if I get any issues in future.  Though I found a workaround solutions based on some trial and error method, some of the inputs from mlmcc helped.  I am closing the solution for mlmcc
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