I read a bank input file and create a tif output file comprised of the front and back images of checks. When I open the output tif file, I see only the front image.

I wrote a C# console application that reads a bank input file and writes a tif output file of the front image and back image of checks.

An input file instructs me as to the starting position and length of the 2 images (front and back) of each check within the bank input file.

Each front and back image of checks begins with the value "II*".

Thus, for the first check, I write out "II*" followed by the remaining bytes that comprise the remainder of the front image.

Then I write out "II*" followed by the remaining bytes that comprise the remainder of the back image.

And I repeat this process for every check in the input file.

When I open the tif file, it displays the front image of the check.

There is a navigation button to display the back image of the check.

If I click on the navigation button a few times, I can finally see the back image of the check.

Do you know if there is a way to write out the tif file so that each check is comprised of the lead characters "II*" followed by the front and back image of a check (in other words 1 "II*" value per check?

Here is a snippet of my code:


                    //intpos1 is assigned the record size of the Front Check Image
                    Int32 intpos1 = BitConverter.ToInt32(bytes1, 0);
                    //the lrecl for type 5 records with a fixed length at 252 bytes
                    //the Front and Back Check Image record sizes
                    //mulitplier1 is assigned then record size divided by 252 to find the number of whole lrecls
                    //and rounded up for any partial remainder less than 252
                    Int32 multiplier1 = (Int32)Math.Min(Math.Floor(intpos1 / 252D) + 1, Math.Ceiling(intpos1 / 252D));
                    Int32 intpos1revised = 252 * multiplier1;

                    //"bytes2" array is assigned the value of the record size of the Back Check Image record in
                    //positions 55 to 58 but since the index is 0 based, we begin the Skip value at position 54.
                    Byte[] bytes2 = res.Skip(54).Take(4).ToArray();

                    //intpos2 is assigned the record size of the Back Check Image (position 55 of the 58 type records
                    Int32 intpos2 = BitConverter.ToInt32(bytes2, 0);

                    Int32 multiplier2 = (Int32)Math.Min(Math.Floor(intpos2 / 252D) + 1, Math.Ceiling(intpos2 / 252D));
                    //The Back Image size value is rounded up to the next highest multipe of 252, the lrecl for type 55 records
                    Int32 intpos2revised = 252 * multiplier2;

                using (FileStream fs = new FileStream(bankFilePath, FileMode.Create))
                    using (BinaryWriter bwrite = new BinaryWriter(fs))
                        foreach (var arr in result)
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Hopefully extracting both images on your other post will resolve this for you.

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