Gmail, stop saving sent emails

I use W7 pro, how can I stop gmail from keeping a copy of all my sent emails?
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An option would be to disable the option to save a copy of your Sent Items in your Gmail account
created on your computer.

Outlook 2013
To disable this option in Outlook 2013:
File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings-> select your Gmail account-> button Change…-> button More Settings…-> tab Advanced-> option: Do not save copies of sent items
i do not believe it is an option in the settings.
Clark KentSoftware Engineer cum BloggerCommented:
Hello friend,

Go with scorpione2005's answer and follow the above defined instructions. And Arnold, even the same thing has been detailed in the KB article of Microsoft and I do not think so that Microsoft would have something wrong about their technology.


Thanks & Regards
Peter Baris
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It seems you've got more information than I, the person is asking to change the email settings in GMAIL, not in a separate/external email client that the person uses as it has not been specified.
I've rechecked, within GMAIL, one does not seem to have an option not to save their sent emails.  Have not tried deleting the sent items folder and see if that would do what the person asked.
GAkslandAuthor Commented:
When I checked the 'advanced' tab the 'leave a copy of messages on the server' was not checked, but still they remain on the Google server as 'sent'. It would seem that if that was not checked, I should not having my sent emails remaining on the Google server. Any other ideas?
GAkslandAuthor Commented:
Clark Kent and Arnold,
as I stated above, my 'leave a copy ....' is un checked.
Lets start from the begining.  What are you using to send the emails.  Are you using an email client, or are you using the web site?

Using the does not seem to have an option not to save a copy of sent messages.

I tested, and as long as you use their SMTP server, the sent message ends up in your sent items folder even if you configure the email client  not to save ..... GMAIL will record it.
The comparison, look at the sent items email message headers.  The one sent through will have the Received:  line indicative of a message that was handled by a server including information on the source and which gmail mail server accepted the message.

So the answer to question I posted earlier is: You can not choose not to save email sent through gmail.
GAkslandAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry I failed to mention I use Outlook and it pulls all email off Gmail server, but when I send email from outlook, the 'sent' mail is saved in Gmail 'sent' mail.
As long as you configure your email client to send through GMAil's Mail server their mail servers will add the outgoing email you send to your sent folder unless your email client adds it first. Using a separate mail server to send gmail based emails out is the only way, but some recipients may treat those emails as spam and will .........

Pick an email from the sent mail folder and look at the headers and you will see a Received: line reflecting your WAN IP address as the sender, and the gmail mail server that received

To answer your question, Using GMAIL resources/servers you can not control the option that saves any outgoing email in your sent messages folder. You can periodically go through and delete the messages there.  Not sure you will be permitted to delete the sent mail folder....

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