Why jquery clone update doesnt work in code behind

I have the following script, so when one textbox is changed it changes or clones to another.  However in code behind, even thought the text seems to be there on the browser, comes back empty "".  What am I missing here.  Thanks  (I have tried it with clientID and without.

 $(function () {
            $('#MainContent_txtOther').keyup(function () {
                var txtClone = $(this).val();
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Julian HansenCommented:
Can you give us a link or at least a full listing.

On the latter - can you post the view source listing of the rendered html - not your .Net code. We need to see how the content and JQuery are relating to each other.

Just a comment on your use of the word "clone" I am assuming in this context you are meaning that the value of one text box is copied to another textbox.

In jQuery - clone means to make a copy (clone) of a complete element. Not quite the same thing.

Give us some html  to look at so we can see the jQuery in the context of the rest of your page.

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mgmhicksAuthor Commented:
Bad use of words "Clone" the text is just be copied to another textbox.  The browser shows the textbox, but the control is nothing in code behind.  After a little more thought I believe the server control is not being updated by my jquery function and I may need to use a update panel on my submit button to update the control before I try and use it in code behind.
Julian HansenCommented:
Can't say without seeing some code (html output)
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mgmhicksAuthor Commented:
Problem was I had enabled='false' which apparently wont update the control in ASP, but does in html.
Thanks for the help
Julian HansenCommented:
You are welcome.
mgmhicksAuthor Commented:
I figured out what was going before solution.
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