applying windows-updates to a Virtual-PC instance?

I have setup a Virtual-PC instance of a Win-XP on my windows 7 machine, but I want to bring this image up-to-date with updates, and not resemble a just-installed-missing 12000 patches version..or at least mostly up to date.  

The problem is of course, the windows-update feature in it no longer works.  What are the proper steps to take at this point?
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Windows XP is end of life.

What is the error message you receive ?

do you have internet access from the VM ?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
If you've installed XP SP3 into a virtual machine I'd suggest a scripted updater like the one at which I use to create nlite installation CDs - the script is up-to-date for all updates to December 2014 - after that the security updates are still available but other system updates are only available to their Enterprise customers.  But at least your XP install will be only 8 months out of date!  I'm sure you're already aware that because XP is past EOL the risk of zero day exploits is higher than with supported, updated versions of Windows.
If you have just installed XP mode, just enable the automatic updates. That way updates for XP still work. After the first couple of updates it will also work when you set it to manual.
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GPrentice00Author Commented:
Error is "Page not found" for the windows-update link...
I know it is because the windows update system was changed eons ago..

Internet access is working just fine from the vm

The reason I went with the winxp install that I have is due to all the licenses I do have for it, and legitimate install CDs, and it worked :)

This is strictly for sandbox fun and games and learning, i dont care if its a year out of date, but having the ability to at least take IE a bit higher out of 6-out-of-box
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
You can use WSUS Offline Updater, if the updates are still served by the Microsoft servers.

If the latest version does not support XP anymore, just go back until you find a version that does.

As I mentioned, the automatic updates work. After the first couple of automatic updates, the link will also work again. It's just at the beginning that the update weblink for the microsoft updates won't work. Of course it is important that before trying any of the other Updates your system is at SP3.

Only this past week I installed XP mode on a PC, and also there the microsoft updates didn't work at first, where you are sent to a webpage. I then just enabled automatic updates and got updates that way. Later I checked the m$ update weblink again and then it worked.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Windows Update works fine for XP, but there are a few things you likely need to first before it will work ...

First, it must be at the SP3 level.   If you've installed an earlier version, you'll need to manually download SP3 and do that update before proceeding.

In addition, it must have IE8,   If that's not the case, download IE8 and install it manually ... it's best to not allow it to do updates at that point (they'll get done later when you're running Windows Update).

You may also need to install the Windows Update Agent.

At that point, all should work fine ... you can simply run Windows Update for a few cycles until everything's up-to-date.
GPrentice00Author Commented:
Theres the rub!  Out of the box this CD install was SP2 with IE6

The need for IE8 - I suspected long ago it was made an IE7 requirement to have as part of the arrangement.  

So what is the process now for downloading official stuff to get where I need to be?  The idea of running off to some foreign, free-domain registered site to get files just screams "run away...not even slowly, just away"
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers

Direct download link to IE8 redistributable for XP SP3

Windows Installer 4.5 redistributable

BTW the .tk site simply provides scripts which act as an offline WSUS server for all the updates since the SP3 base, they are all pulled from Microsoft's download server (which you can test on your sandbox :))  From my perspective the advantage is I can take an XP installer CD create a new install fro it then capture everything that's missing as .msi/,cab files direct from Microsoft, slipstream those into a new install CD and have a disk which installs XP SP3 updated to Dec 2014.  YMMV.

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Why do you even install a retail version of XP inside VirtualPC? VirtualPC is very old and doesn't work as well as other hyperVisors. For example VirtualBox or VMware Player are both free too and perform a lot better with more features. The only reason why anyone would still use m$ VirtualPC would be if you were using XP Mode which already comes with VPC and is at SP3 level.
GPrentice00Author Commented:
I used it because it was there and would work for what i needed, and at the time I was unaware that I wasn't allowed to use what I had because I didn't match your qualified reasons.
GPrentice00Author Commented:
Thank you folks, the manual download package worked just fine.
I didn't say you weren't allowed to use VirtualPC. I only suggested you go for something better, as VPC is obsolete and compared to the other products just not as good. Besides that, it won't run on newer OS's like Windows 8.x or 10 should you want to upgrade your host OS, while Virtualbox and VMware player have no problem when installed on those OS's.
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