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Robocopy question

Im running this robocopy command and I want to make sure it just copies the files over and keeps the files in both location. Is the command below okay? Also is there any switch that would delete the original location?

C:\>robocopy \\server1  \\server2 *.* /E /MIR /SEC /R:0 /W:1 /COPY:DATSO /LOG:c:\roboc
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> ... switch that would delete the original location
Use /MOVE to move files and dirs (delete from source after copying)

Also use /DCOPY:T to copy Directory Timestamps. Else it will have the current time

Good info here...
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So the command I have above should be okay right? It should keep at both locations? Thanks
/MIR copies (mirrors) the source. So, Yes... A copy at both locations. Don't forget the /DCOPY:T switch, too.

To gain confidence, try the command on a test folder. It doesn't have to be lots of files. Just include some folders, too.
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