TStream and One-Drive

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I use TStream to lock out other applications accessing my data while it is being used by another application.

Does a One-Drive implementation prevent this from being an effective method across computers? I imagine One-Drive would allow me to update the files on one computer even though I have them locked on another computer. This is not desirable for me.

If necessary, I could implement a code-based solution, and only allow the "home computer" to update the files, and while this would work in some cases, it will not work in other cases.

One-Drive is brand-new to me, so I am just exploring its potential for backup and data visibility - which actually looks great.
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One Drive is not a good backup solution. It is erratic and unreliable. You are much better using DropBox or Copy.
If you really must use OneDrive then maybe you could use something like FreeFileSync to copy the data at scheduled times to a different folder which is backed up using OneDrive.
We are constantly having to delete our OneDrive folder and recreate it because it keeps mucking up.
Microsoft are fully aware of these problems but seem to have no interest in fixing them.
Sinisa VukSoftware architect
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I recommend DropBox. Using TMS Cloud Pack components or Dropbox Delphi Component from AstonSoft with some info here on EE....


Thanks for the excellent feedback. I will certainly keep TMS Cloud Pack in mind for further development, and in the meantime only keep a copy of the data on the cloud, via OneDrive, not the original data.

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