Restricting 3 year from ipad usage - part 2

Is there a way of controlling what my 3 year old daughter watches on youtube via the ipad / iphone?

Can youtube or another app, be setup such that my daughter has a choice of selection of x number of videos that I have pre filtered i.e. a combination of learning videos for kids and maybe some nursery rhymes, rather than having unrestricted access or even limited access to age specific material?

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Kanti PrasadCommented:

Please look at the below link where is shows various ways to control it
u587162Author Commented:
thanks.  Itubelist does not seem to be in the appstore, any ideas (although a second recommendation has been cited in the article)
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Take a look at these 2 u587162
How to make an iPad safe for kids
Sounds very familiar>
At two-years old, my son is already obsessed with the gadgets I bring home from work. He knows my iPod Touch can play Elmo songs and has a Sesame Street app. He knows the Chumby I use as an alarm clock also has games on it. But nothing prepared me for the day I brought an iPad home. He went nuts.

How to Censor Youtube

But you know  it's easy to download videos from YouTube so you can watch them on your iPhone or iPad later without a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Here's how to
u587162Author Commented:
good info.
u587162Author Commented:
The question has not been solved for me, because there is no right solution to this problem.  Would you be happier if I deleted the question?  I dont really want to get into a debate on the merits of each proposed answer.  For best use of your time and mine, lets just close this off pls.
u587162Author Commented:
So we continue the discussion.  Pls unlock the account.
Before you delete it u587162 there is no right answer you're right, a 3 year old has no life skills and is too young to be educated on the safety of interjet use so they must always be supervised.
The key to safety on the internet is like real life, if your in the streets in real life you would never leave a 3 old to wander alone the same applies with internet. It may not be life threatening as streets but security of your computer can be compromised and hacked costing you money to replace the PC or have any viruses removed.
Everything we do in life is educating us, what we learn is the key and the cornerstones of how we live and tackle life later on.
I know we live in the internet age but the bottom line is the parents willingness to educate and be there until the child can fend for themselves. You can use an ipad PC laptop without internet.
Download appropriate stuff they can watch offline as I suggested.
I always use the rule of thumb, until a child is old enough to stand on their own two feet / earn an income  they are under the responsibility / supervision of the parents.
Otherwise they learn by mistakes falling down so to speak, we all learn by mistakes but how much is up to the parents.
Seeing a real person get their head off cut off  by terrorists desensitizes a young mind and is permanently stored in the brain.
Do we want to be responsible for this experience ?
This is like I had with my son when he was 17 years old and at Uni, he also was living at uni , some friends called him over to see this!!
Very sad and he was traumatised by it and It has stayed in him ever since.
He is now 30.
Youtube cannot monitor everything  shut the door until the child is older enough to make educated decisions or cope with the mistakes of seeing something bad... The internet has a lot of bad stuff as well as good  and children are curious.

All the best
u587162Author Commented:
I appreciate your civil comments on this matter but I do believe this is being debated more than it needs to be.  A question which related to how I can enforce some simple controls on an ipad, something that perhaps every parent of an iPad has probably thought and wants to do, is being overly analysed and changed direction on parenting ability....or along those lines.

Anyway, appreciate your comments, but would like to draw an end to this discussion.
u587162Author Commented:
Thanks, yes I found the new Youtube for kids app a few weeks ago, that was really a good app as it is filtered content.

I read somewhere that there is a way to shut down the ipad from the iphone....did I miss that?
No I have not seen this u587162
Well there is this side idea
Turn on Lost Mode. Using Lost Mode, you can remotely lock your device with a four-digit passcode,
It is not recommended to force a shutdown but a script is available
How to Shutdown Your Device Wirelessly
There is also the free app Off Remote
Off Remote lets you turn off, lock, sleep, log off and restart a PC or Mac directly from your iDevice.
Forgot to turn off the office computer? No need to get up. Want to stop the kid's marathon computer sessions? Do it remotely
Is this what your kind of thinking about?
So many apps lol

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