users usage details reports in SharePoint 2013

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Dear Experts,

our management requires users  usage details reports in SharePoint 2013

Required reports are :

•      User login and logout time
•      Data uploads to SharePoint (per day, per week or per month)
•      Top utilized file and libraries

Please advice

I have tried to generate Popularity Trends reports from SharePoint 2013 but I am not able to get proper reports


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You can turn on Audit settings for the document library and lists, for more info on this,

You may also want to try a tool that is available for free,

Alternatively you can explore third party tools available such as,
Juan Carlos GonzalezCompartiMOSS Co-Director

Good morning,
Let me give you another additional alternative: you can programmatically access to the Audit information or the Change the case of the Change Log, you will get a lot of information about what your users are doing in SharePoint.

Kind regards,

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