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plesk to cpanel error.

We have a cpanel server and a plesk server.

Both with root access.

Over the past few months we have been transfering websites from plesk to cpanel using the cpanel transfer tool.

Everything has been going great. We have moved over 50+ sites.

Recently, in the last few weeks, we have followed the same process and we always get the following error once the migration process starts.

Starting “TRANSFER” for “Account” “Editedaccountnameonpleskserver”.
Copy Destination: /home
Remote server type: “plesk”.
Packaging the account with the command: /scripts/pkgacct-wrapper /scripts/pkgacct.mydomainoncpanel.net Editedaccountnameonpleskserver '' --split --compressed --mysql 5.5 --allow-multiple …
[pkgacct-wrapper] Setting cpu priority to reduce system load: 18
Unknown option: compressed
Unknown option: mysql
MySQL error: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'admin'@'localhost' (using password: YES) at /tmp/.perl-ppk-bneAEt/lib/Cpanel/Foreign/Plesk/DB.pm line 117.
Target “/home” on host “mydomainoncpanel.net” has 51.9 GB free and requires at least 0 bytes free, which includes space for temporary files.
WARNING: The remote server failed to send the location of the transfer archive.
WARNING: Attempting to guess the location of the remote transfer archive.
Fetching md5sum of “/home/cpmove-Editedaccountnameonpleskserver.tar.gz” from the remote server … …
Removing copied archive on remote server. …
Failed: The remote execution of “pkgacct.mydomainoncpanel.net” was not successful, or the requested account, “Editedaccountnameonpleskserver” was not found on the server: “”.

We have now tried various options, such as making the mysql password the same as root on the cpanel server to test.

We are really out of ideas here.

one thing to note, the site that generated the mysql error above, is a flat html site with a database.
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Dan Craciun

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Dan Craciun

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