Crystal Report No formulas in Subreport

In my sub report  in Crystal Report 2011 I want to use running total and do distinct count.
However I cannot see all formulas  and groups when I am trying to Create Running Total Field in my sub repot.
When I click on Running total Field and go to new  form that opens for creating running total shows me just several formulas not all of them that I have in my sub pot  and not groups as it do in main report.
If I need to create “manual” running total with three formulas  get value- display value –reset value,
I am not sure how to  create this running total with distinct count in group. when I can not see group and I can not se formula that I want to use for value for distinct count.
Is it something wrong with Crystal setup .
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Can you give an example of a formula you can't see in the running total?

TarasAuthor Commented:
I have 15 -20 formulas non of them is visible just sub report fields and two formulas.
I have this formula e.g.:
@GetThisYearRollingQtrAmount :
Shared NumberVar  TYRollingQtrAmtSumDetail;
TYRollingQtrAmtSumDetail:= TYRollingQtrAmtSumDetail + {@ThisYearRollingQtrAmountSub}

I can not see this formula and not just that,  I can not see {@ThisYearRollingQtrAmountSub} that Is in formula I gave as  example .
Ido MilletProfessor of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet SoftwareCommented:
Print-time formulas are not available to running totals.  That is because Running Totals are based on data in an earlier pass.
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Ido MilletProfessor of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet SoftwareCommented:
You can use a variable and accumulate values into it in order to create your own implementation of a running total.
Are you trying to get a distinct count of the GetThisYearRollingQtrAmount or ThisYearRollingQtrAmountSub?

That doesn't make a whole lot of sense since the values change with each record.

TarasAuthor Commented:
That is just one example. I am using this formula to summarize those amounts that fit in Year Quarter not to do distinct count.
My point is that even simple test formula  that I create I can not see:
NumberVar a;
NumberVar b;
NumberVar c;
b:= 2;
c:= a + b;
I can not see this formula in Running Total form in available field.
However, If I crate new formula e.g.  @TestFormula2,  I can see @TestFormula1  in available fields but still not in Running Total form.
Ido MilletProfessor of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet SoftwareCommented:
The formula above seems like a Constant (doesn't depend on database values, so it may be delegated to BeforeReadingRecords; pass and not be available to Running Totals.  
Try to add
as the 1st line and see if that makes it available.

More importantly, there is no need for Running Totals if all you want is to accumulate values only for a subset.  Instead, use an If Then Else formula where the Else is zero, and sum that formula.
Can you upload the report file?

TarasAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I can not as report is not on my pc,  it is on my client pc and data are really confidential.
Without seeing the formulas you can't use it is difficult to determine why if we haven't already covered the situation.

In looking a few reports it seems there are at least 3 reasons a formula is not available.

Print Time formulas - have WHilePrintingRecords, shared variables, or some printtime functions

Formulas that use SUMMARY functions like SUM

Constant functions - whilereadingrecords seems to solve this one.

There may be other reasons.  I don't use runningtotals that often since summary functions are more flexible.

TarasAuthor Commented:
First I tried to use sum function for getting values I group footer,  then I was planning to count those sum values in group footer that have  threshold value bigger then  e.g 10,000.
For that I was thinking to use running total and in running total evaluate part use formula to filter only those values that are bigger then threshold amount.
I put sums in group footer, everything looks ok then I went to Running total to create Running total with count but I could not see those sums as available fields for running totals.
SUM is a summary function.  They are not by definition available for running totals.

You can do this

In the report header add a formula
Global NumberVar CountGT10;

In the group footer add a formula (replace the sum with your summary formula)
Global NumberVar CountGT10;
If Sum(YourField},{GroupField}) > 10 then
   CountGT10 := CountGT10  + 1;

In the report footer add a formula to display the count
Global NumberVar CountGT10;


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TarasAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot this will work out problem.
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