Using  Generic/Text
driver need to print from tray 3
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
I think you need a bit more words for us to understand your problem...
rev-techAuthor Commented:
server 2008 R2 6x X

load a Generic/Text printer driver on an ipaddress
the printer is RICOH_C3003
The software on the server needs to use Generic/Text printer driver to print to the printer
there are 3 draws in the printer
I need this software to print to draw 3
there are commands
begin print job
end print job
paper size select
paper feed select

need the commands to print to draw 3
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
So your software does not allow you to choose the drawer/tray.

The only solution in this case is to set the printer defaults to print from tray 3.

Control Panel -> Devices and Printers
Right click the printer -> Printing Preferences -> set to print from tray 3
Right click the printer -> Printer Properties -> Advanced -> Printing defaults -> set to print from tray 3.
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rev-techAuthor Commented:
it is Generic/Text printer  you do not get the option
I'm guessing that the printer is being used for other purposes/applications, so it is not possible to set the printer itself to default to tray 3.

If you go to the printer's Properties->Printer Commands tab, you'll see the four text boxes where you can enter codes. I'm pretty sure if you knew the right code to put in the "Begin Print Job" box, it would  be sent to the printer at the start of each print job and in there you could include the code to select the desired paper feed tray.

According to the CUPS database, the Ricoh C5000 series should support PJL and direct printing.

The heart of the code that you want to put there almost certainly looks like this:

Open in new window

but I suspect there are some other things you have to say in PJL to make it all work. You'll probably need a "Universal Exit" string before it and a ENTER  LANGUAGE afterwards. You could try using language "PCL" as an experiment.

This might work:
%-12345X@PJL JOB

Open in new window

See if you can get that into the "Begin Print Job" box or if your program can insert it before it prints a page to see if it does anything different.

In order to stuff it into the box, you may need to make it look like:

Open in new window

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The terminating character of each PJL command must be a LineFeed control-code character (the character with decimal code 10 (or hexadecimal 0A)); this may optionally be preceded by a CarriageReturn control-code character (the character with decimal code 13 (or hexadecimal 0D)).

... and bear in mind that the "Universal Exit Language" escape sequence (which is necessary to put the printer into "PJL mode") starts with an Escape character (the non-graphic control-code character with decimal code 27 (or hexadecimal 1B).

i.e. the "%" character is the second character in the sequence.

Attached is a file containing the above modifications to the original posted job header data, and a second file containing an analysis of this data.
Thanks, DansDadUK, you are clearly much more of an expert at this than I am.

To translate that for the specific use of pasting into the "Start Print Job" text box, I think it should look like this:

Open in new window

@jcmg - thanks for the compliment.

In turn, i have to defer to your knowledge of what you can include in the various Generic/Text 'Print Commands' text boxes, and in what form.
Even if this doesn't solve rev-tech's problem, I'll have learned several things from the question. I've never had my nose into PJL before. The original use of the "Start Print Job" etc for the Generic/Text driver was to send a form feed or printer reset between jobs, when printers on PCs were mostly dot matrix impact printers. It sounds like at least some of the software involved in this question dates from that era.
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