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IIS 7 Web logs : GET request with no browser type

We have a IIS7 server and regularly create reports of visitor stats using 'Weblog expert lite' anayliser and the IIS log files.

Gradually over the last month of IIS logs were getting increasing percentage of users with Browser : 'other' and OS 'other'
Looking at the IIS logs there a number of GET requests without a browser defined - instead there is a dash '-' for example:
ET /pages/VSearch.aspx - 443 - 222.333.444.444 HTTP/1.1 - ASP.NET_SessionId=f443434bs155erk0op55 - 200 0 0 21282 183 998

IIS 7 server 2008R2....

When I navigate to the site in IE11/Chrome/Firefox I can see it recognises my browser verison - any ideas what could be causing this?
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ok - its very strange how its suddenly grown to thousands of visitors - with currently around 70% of traffic not having a user agent string?

Are there any steps I can take to try and track down what exactly these are?
That sounds like someone is either trying to take down your site by overloading it or trying to break in by overloading it.  Looks like the first step is to make sure 'Request Filtering' is enabled.  It's not obvious how to block blank user agents.