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I have an upcoming task where I need to migrate 200GB of data from a Windows Server 2012R2 File Server to a CIFS share on a Storage System. Is the script list enough xcopy \\FILESERVER013\legal \\CIFSSERVER\legal\legal_information\ILLEGAL  /y /c /r /k /s /e > legal_merge.txt

I've renamed some of the shares is the xcopy script up above enough the complete the task? Is this the best way to migrate the information

The file locations are in \\FILESERVER013\accounts

Folders to be moved to FileServer013  network (all folders & files under these to be moved):
•      I:\000_Finance
•      I:\TB_download
•      I:\000_Finance_General
•      I:\002_OLD_Data
•      I:\Macros
Folder to take a copy only onto the FileServer013 network (a copy of all folders & files under this to be taken):
•      I:\Mgmt accts  
•      I:\ Profit Centre Database NEW
•      I:\Banking
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Michael ChisholmCommented:
The best way to perform this task is to run a complete backup of the selected data and then restore in a new location,  This will retain the file structure and the security per-file, per-folder not to mention it will be an exact duplicate of the original source. It is always better to migrate using a backup then just a straight copy because the backup will continue even if there is an issue with a file and you can review the log for the files that need to be addressed.  

If you need instructions for this please let me know.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Since you are not using the /O switch, I presume you do not want the security/permissions to copy over.

/S is redundant. /E will suffice.
/Z should be used if you are on a slow network.

Xcopy has no MOVE option. Still, it's easy enough to erase the source after you've confirmed the copy is fine.

You may want to consider using robocopy since it can show summary info, e.g. number of skipped files, failed copied, start and end times.
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
On those folders that you want to move use this command
robocopy I:\000_Finance \\newserver\new-share\new-location /move /s /xj /zb /sec /log:c:\logs\logname1.txt
and on those you want to copy but leave in the old location use this command
robocopy I:\000_Finance \\newserver\new-share\new-location /s /xj /zb /sec /log:c:\logs\logname2.txt
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
if you want to see the progress on the screen as it works then add this switch /tee and if you want the log file not to have progress recorded (percentage done) then use this switch  /np

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Michael ChisholmCommented:
if you have your heart set on the copy method I wouldn't use xcopy for large amounts of data. Y-copy is free and can be downloaded from Download.com

Y Copy:
Simple, free, set and forget, copy utility. When a file can't be copied Ycopy skips it continues with the other files. A printable report is generated of files that were unable to be copied. No more poring over directories and files to find out where the copy was up to, skip the affected files and continue the copy. A real time saver for computer technicians, IT people or anyone routinely faced with this task.
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