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Clone Joomla Site

I need to clone a joomla site. The server is running and older version of Joomla, I think it's 1.6.
I know it should be upgraded but that's not possible right now.
I need to clone the site and have it run under a different domain name on the same server. This cloned site, will be used as a development site.

The question I have is regarding the database tables. If I clone the site, I need the clone to have it's own set of database tables that won't affect the primary site.

I don't remember, will I be given and option for a new prefix to prepend to each table name when I created the cloned site, probably from a backup.

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>>I need to clone the site and have it run under a different domain name on the same server
You should separate your production and development environments so that each will not contradict and affect each other. Putting these 2 environments into a same machine will increase the operation risk and you may want to reconsider this approach. A better approach is to backup the whole server's data and then replicate it into a new machine for the development works.
Just install Akeeba into your main site, take backup and then with this backup you can build very easy your development site.
Akeeba takes files and db so you dont have to do anything else.
You will need to make a full backup of the database and of the scripts.
It is better to use distinct installations so 2 different scripts folder and 2 DB.
For the second site you will need to edit the configuration.php file for the path and BD name, user,  pw  ect

You can follow this guide :
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