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Active Sync Exchange 2013 not working

We have a windows 2012 server that has Exchange 2013 installed.  Since it was started up Active Sync would not work.  We have verified the default domain is correct and has not been edited.  Can anyone assist with a direction I need to go in?
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You are not providing us with enough info.

Are you struggling to setup mobile phones using active sync?

Can outlook clients connect to your CAS server?

Do you have valid SSL certificates installed?

Have you configured Autodiscover DNS entries?
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outlook clients are connecting just fine, ssl certs are installed and working, owa is working correctly, autodiscover dns entries have also been made and autodiscover works.

the mobile phones can  be setup in the native mail client using active sync but the phones cannot send email.
Do they receive mail?
yes they do receive mail
This is what i get when active sync is tested:

Checking the IIS configuration for client certificate authentication.
       Client certificate authentication was detected.
      Additional Details
Accept/Require client certificates were found. Set the IIS configuration to Ignore Client Certificates if you aren't using this type of authentication.
Elapsed Time: 490 ms.

But I have it set to ignore client certs on the ssl settings
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2 - this was set to accept so i changed it to ignore

does this require a restart of IIS to make the change effective?

I did not see it enabled for 1,3,and 4
actually i just tested with the microsoft connectivity tester and it didn't fail anymore.  My mail client using active sync on my cell just sent an email also!!!

I have multiple domains setup on the server so i am testing other mail accounts and i will update you once done.

Thanks so far though, I have been struggling with this for a while
This guy completely fixed a problem we have been working on for over a month!  Thank you kind sir!!!
Thanks for the update and I am happy your issue is resolved.