Wordpress Contact Form 7 (sending not working)


My contact form 7 will not work. I have 2 forms working but one of them is not. The e-mail address is valid so that is not the issue. Below is my code: Thank you, Mike.

Your Max-Title Representative *:
[select* menu-848 include_blank "William Calunas" "Joseph Angell" "Andrew G. Peterson"]

<h2>Ordering Company</h2>

<p>Company *<br />
    [text* company] </p>

<p>Contact Name/Loan Processor * (required)<br />
    [text* LoanProcessor] </p>

<p>Mortgage Rep/Banker * (required)<br />
    [text* MortgageRep] </p>

<table border="0">
      <td><p>Contact Street Address<br />
     [text StreetAdd] </p></td>
      <td><p>Street Add Line 2<br />
    [text StreetAdd2]</p></td>
<td><p> <br />

<table border="0">
      <td><p>City<br />
     [text City] </p></td>
      <td><p>State / Province<br />
    [text ST]</p></td>
<td><p>Postal / Zip Code<br />
    [text ZIP]</p></td>

<p>Company Email * (required)<br />
    [email* company-email] </p>

<p>Type of Service (Check All That Apply)<br />
[checkbox checkbox-786 "Purchase" "Cash Sale" "Land Contract" "New Construction"   "Commercial" "Search Only" "Refinance"] </p>

<p>Other<br />
    [text other] </p>

<p>Upload Purchase Agreement (PDF Preferred) <br />
[file file-724 limit:100000000 filetypes:.txt|.pdf|.doc|.docx]</p>

<p>Notes<br />
    [textarea your-message] </p>
<br />

<h2>Required Property Information </h2>

<table border="0">
      <td><p>Property Address<br />
     [text PropStreetAdd] </p></td>
      <td><p>Street Add Line 2<br />
    [text PropStreetAdd2]</p></td>
<td><p> <br />

<table border="0">
      <td><p>City<br />
     [text PropCity] </p></td>
      <td><p>State / Province<br />
    [text PropST]</p></td>
<td><p>Postal / Zip Code<br />
    [text PropZIP]</p></td>

<p>Lender Name<br />
    [text lender-name] </p>

<p>Country<br />
    [text lender-country] </p>

<p>Loan Amount<br />
    [text loan-amt] </p>

<p>Loan Number<br />
    [text loan-num] </p>

<p>Policy To Be Issued<br />
[radio radio-732 label_first "With Exceptions" "Without Exception"]

<h2>Borrower(s) / Purchaser(s) </h2>

<p>Borrower #1 Name<br />
    [text borrower-name] </p>

<p>Borrower #1 SSN# (last 4 Digits)<br />
    [text borrower-ssn] </p>

<p>Borrower #2 Name<br />
    [text borrower-name2] </p>

<p>Borrower #2 SSN# (last 4 Digits)<br />
    [text borrower-ssn2] </p>

<p>Buyer Phone<br />
[tel tel-10]

<p>Buyer Fax<br />
[tel fax-10]

<h2>Seller Information</h2>

<p>Seller #1 Name<br />
    [text Seller-name] </p>

<p>Seller #1 SSN# (last 4 Digits)<br />
    [text seller-ssn] </p>

<p>Seller #2 Name<br />
    [text Seller-name2] </p>

<p>Seller #2 SSN# (last 4 Digits)<br />
    [text Seller-ssn2] </p>

<p>Seller Phone<br />
[tel Sellertel-10]

<p>Seller Fax<br />
[tel Sellerfax-10]

<p>Property ID#<br />
    [text Prop-ID] </p>

<p>Brief Legal Description<br />
    [textarea legal-description] </p>
<br />

<p>E-Mail<br />
    [email personal-email] </p>

<p>Enter the message as it's shown *<br />
[captchac captcha-729] [captchar captcha-729] </p>

<p>[submit "Send"]</p>
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Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
I had same issue in my server (the basic email sending worked)  with this plugin and I tried to remove this and hardcoded,

[your-name] <[your-email]> 

Open in new window

like  Loganathan N <logudotcom@gmail.com>

it worked.

Some time this from name, email is not fitting dynamically.

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WO2015Author Commented:
Thank you for the response. I am not sure I understand what to do though. Can you please give me an example with my code?
Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
For this form, what is the From email address set on Contact Form 7?  It must be checked and try with static from email id like I mentioned.

Ref. this link https://wordpress.org/support/topic/contact-form-7-not-sending-emails-with-senders-address-but-my-own-email
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WO2015Author Commented:
I see what you are saying. So do I have to edit the attached screen shot to include all of the fields? Maybe that is why its not sending is because some of those do not exist?
Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
Yes, you need to setup the remaining fields with valid data. Just check with valid emails and other fields setup.
WO2015Author Commented:
Ok, and for the file attachment, do I place the field name in the box they have for it?
Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
Try to hard code the email id's and check


From : write actual email name+ email id  (example Loganathan N <logudotcom@gmail.com>

Reply To : write actual email name+ email id  (example Loganathan N <logudotcom@gmail.com>

Message Body :
From : write actual email name+ email id  (example Loganathan N <logudotcom@gmail.com>

Open in new window

WO2015Author Commented:
Thank you, its working.
Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
Glad it helped. Thanks for the points!!!
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