Can I boot from an ISO image for Windows 10 install on my Dell Lattitude E6440

I downloaded the Windows 10 ISO but don't have a burner to create the boot DVD ISO.
Is there a way to boot from a thumb drive on my Dell Lattitude E6440? Or a way to mount the ISO in Windows 7 so I can upgrade my laptop to Windows 10?
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Eng. Nidal KamalInformation ConsultantCommented:
Good day,

One can try to download ISO mount from the following link. Try to download the tool for upgrading to win 10.
If you are upgrading your current OS for free, you need to extract the files from the iso and run the setup.exe file from within your currently running OS. If you boot from a DVD or USB stick you made from the iso, it won't recognize your current installation and it won't properly activate and the installation won't be free.

If you aren't upgrading for free, then you can use the tool below to put the iso onto a USB stick and boot to it:

Use the beta2 version, it works fine. Also, once you have done a proper upgrade as I mentioned above, by executing the setup.exe file once, you can re-install Windows 10 anytime on that PC by booting from the stick, as then the PC will be activated for the new OS and registered with m$. When the installer asks you for a key, just skip that step (it asks you 2 or 3 times during the installation). Once Windows 10 is installed again it will be activated, provided you have an internet connection.
mlhcab777Author Commented:
I tried to run the Windows 10 tool but I get this error after I download it and run it.
Please see attached.
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What version of Windows 10 did you download (USB, DVD, 32bit, 64bit, combined, home, pro)? What version of Windows 7 have currently installed (32bit, 64bit, home, pro, ultimate)? Is your OS part of an AD Domain?, What type of Windows license are you using? How much free space do you have on your disk? Is Windows properly activated?

I had problems when I tried the USB downloads, as well as the combined 32/64bit download. But using the DVD download worked. Besides that it is of course necessary that you download the correct version of Windows 10 that matches what you already have installed. For example if you are using a 64 bit version of Windows 7, you can only upgrade to a 64 bit version of Windows 10, or if you are using a 32 bit version of Windows 7, you can only upgrade to a 32 bit version of Windows 10. Or if you are using Windows 7 Home or Home Premium, you can only upgrade to Windows 10 Home, and if you are using Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate you can only upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

You also need to make sure that there is plenty of free space on your disk, as your old OS gets saved.

Further I suggest you also do a disk diagnostic using your disk manufacturer's diagnostic tool, which you can download from the disk manufacturer's website. If the diagnostic shows 0 errors after the long test, also run a chkdsk /f /r on all your disk's drive letters to make sure your file-systems are fine, and if there are corruptions, those will get fixed.

I'd also run a memtest86+ to make sure your RAM is fine. For that you can boot from the PCRepix DVD, it includes memtest86 + as one of the boot options in it's boot menu. You can use Windwsetup from USB I mentioned above to put the PCRepix distro on a bootable USB stick as you don't have a DVD drive:
mlhcab777Author Commented:
Ok, downloading a different version to my USB drive worked, running install now but don't see that it gave me a product key to use?
You don't need a key. The installer checks whether your current OS complies to the free upgrade rules, and if it does, it will automatically register itself with m$, generate a key, and activate.

Once the upgrade was successful, and Windows 10 automatically activated and registered with m$, you can do clean installation of Windows 10 on that PC, not needing upgrades anymore. Also then, as the PC is already registered, it will activate automatically.

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