Azure DNS Server IP addesses

We, my company are debating whether or not to switch our DNS provider to Windows Azure DNS service. I would like to run a couple benchmarks against the DNS servers and a few others like google, level3, etc.

I can't find any IP addresses for windows Azure DNS to test against.

Can anyone out there help?

newmanmeNetwork Administrator\EngineerAsked:
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
this is a good resource for comparison on Managed DNS and the flexibility is that, if required, there are free for basic assessment and more comprehensive version (that need to buy) for more justification.

This blog also shed thoughts in assessment and Azure and Google included with metric (or KPI). The benchmarking as snapshot is useful in performance assessment in the various tier subscription. I do see the reliability as key values as well e.g. Microsoft Azure at 99.9922% (with 23 outages @25.5 mins downtime) is on at the best though the middle tier compared to E2 100% with no outage and Google at 99.9862% (with 10 outages @ 17.85 mins). Regardless these is based on specific period and changes - we should see the track record ...but really Security is a big factor.

But as a whole the assessment of key factors should revolves around below and with established use case from the provider to proof its worth and values.
- Simplicity (self serve or fully managed);
- Performance (end user and node, latency, Geo IP, propagation- see;
- Availability (health checks, failover, Anycast); and
- Security (against DNS based DDoS attack, DNSSEC support, Harden Infra, Standard Compliance and Certificated with CSA reviewed).
Some common security features include:
•Firewall: Does the service provide an external firewall to filter network traffic before it reaches your compute instance? When used, a compute instance's public IP address sits on the firewall, which in turn forwards permitted network traffic to the instance.
•VPN: Does the service support secure connectivity between compute instances and an external network? VPN allows you to connect to your public cloud compute instances securely using private IP addressing.
•VPC: Does the service support physically or logically isolated networks? This means your compute instances can communicate without the ability of other users to snoop on your traffic.
•PCI DSS Compliance: Has the service been audited and certified by the payment card industry? This is often a requirement if you intend to capture and/or store credit card numbers on your servers.

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As far as I know Azure DNS servers are required for Azure VMs external name resolution only
Azure don't provide you full flesh name resolution as you get from your corporate AD - DNS servers
Azure DNS is there for organizations who don't have there own name servers or VMs who do not require name resolution from on premise DNS servers

If you are looking for hosting your DNS zones in Azure DNS services, yet that feature in Preview mode I believe and you should try it 1st for there reliability on test domains

Pricing Details:

newmanmeNetwork Administrator\EngineerAuthor Commented:
thanks for the answer
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