HP Procurve SVI not passing internet

good day,

I am a NOOB so excuse me if i may not get the terminology correct.

I am running VMWARE and i have created a few VMs that are segmented by VLANs.

I am having issues in passing internet through my SVI.

ip address

ip address

ip address

As an example i am able to ping the SVI address VLAN202  from the client machine no problem and visa versa. With the exception of the ISP DNS

I believe i have trunked all necessary ports to allow all VLANS.

I may have a routing problem

If i have missed something can you please guide?

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If you can ping your WAN question is:
Did you add those VLANs to be NATTED on edge router?
IBSITAuthor Commented:
I have  a Sonicwall as the Internet Gateway. you are telling me that i need the VLAns in there?
You have to NAT traffic somewhere, traffic with public IP addresses will be dropped as soon as it reaches ISP router. I am not familiar with your topology so I can't tell you exactly where you need to do it.
If you are using L3 link between SonicWall and L3 switch, no need for VLANs to reach SonicWall, but you need to change nat statement to allow IP addresses from new VLANs to be natted.
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let's say that you had just one ip address range and that your ip addresses were
And you added IP address

your access-list for NAt could look like
access-list 1 permit

and that will not NAT traffic from any other IP address range.
So you should add network to access-list...

access-list 1 permit
access-list 1 permit

or change wildcard mask to
access-list 1 permit
or any other way you like, so both subnets could be natted.
IBSITAuthor Commented:
Attaching a drawing to see if it makes sense...Oh btw I have a route on the L3 switch
Try to ping SonicWall from those VLANs (you can try to ping your WAN port on it). If you can ping WAN port than most certanly you need to NAT traffic, if you can't ping it you may also some miss route on SonicWall to point to core switch as next hop for those VLANs. If you are missing route on SonicWall than ping from those VLANs fill fail when you try to ping (SonicWall has no routes to or for whatever VLAN you added recently)

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IBSITAuthor Commented:
From VLAN4 i can ping no problem (Access to the internet)
VLAN 200 has  a route in its Sonicwall to get to Vlan4 Subnet they have their independent Internet Gateway.
It is VLAN202 that is having the problem, I can ping  the SVI from within a device within that VLAN and also as well as any other devices with the Gateway.
Then, most likely , you only need to NAT traffic.
IBSITAuthor Commented:
So i need to create a rule in the firewall to NAT the VLAN202?
IBSITAuthor Commented:
Source =
Destination =
Gateway =

That is NAT rule you need to create, (so there should not be gateway - at least not at Cisco) I am not familiar with SonicWall firewalls, so I can help you with that. I guess that you can find current NAT statement in your current configuration and do the same except that source would be different IP range(s).
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