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Linux failover escript not working with new Netgear sprint card

Dear Experts,

We have these Debian Linux "red-box"  devices that VPN to a location 24/7.

This are dedicated Linux VPN devices that have a USB modem as back up.

Product information:

We had it working fine until the new  USB failover modem (with different ISP) had to be change...

We got the driver to work but not the fail-over script. Internet access yes VPN no.

The idea is to keep the VPN tunnel going if the main ISP goes down  (logix, AT&T, COX, etc)  this USB modem takes over in a couple of minutes or so keeping the VPN tunnel.

Attached is the script for your review

For any help many thanks!
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Jan Bacher
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Has the interface name changed with the new device?

The script looks for eth0 and ppp0.
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No. The device is the same the only thing that change is the USB device
Have you modified the "DEBUG" variable to see detail about what's happening?

What do you have in /var/log/failover-wwan.log?
Let me check.
 I need a little bit please.
I checked and it looks fine...

We think is a kernel issue.

We are going to upgrade the kernel 3.5
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As it turned out we did upgrade to 4.1.

Very good, I just read this. The Kernel upgrade did it and some modifications in the scripts.

Was a lot of work