Script to remove NTFS permissions from the shares

I need a script that would read excel file with columns Path, IdentityReference, etc and would remove the NTFS permissions for the user/groups accounts that i specify in the excel file including all its subfolders and files.

For example, I have a great script that gets all the permissions into the excel file. Now I want to modify excel file and use similar script to remove all the permissions I list in the excel file.

Please help. THank you very much.

# Include only folders from the root path
Get-ChildItem "C:\installs" -Recurse | ?{ $_.PsIsContainer } | %{
  $Path = $_.FullName

  (Get-Acl $Path).Access | Select-Object `
    @{n='Path';e={ $Path }}, IdentityReference, AccessControlType, `
    InheritanceFlags, PropagationFlags, FileSystemRights, IsInherited
} | Export-CSV "Permissions.csv"
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Michael FowlerSolutions ConsultantCommented:
My not use VBA and do this directly from Excel. Here is an example of doing this which could be easily re-purposed for your needs
creative555Author Commented:
oh. I will have to try that. Thank you very much!

I did vlookups once again and see that I did have those groups listed in the input files that I used. So, I was wrong. I think some children got permission propagated from the top and that's why I saw the groups that I didn't expect to see on some subfolders. So, there is a slight issue with propagation of permissions. At least I need to understand how this script propagates the permissions if they are applied on top. Could you please explain what this script does and how the propagation of permissions get applied.

THank you very much
Michael FowlerSolutions ConsultantCommented:
I had a closer look at the script in the link I posted and it is changing share permissions rather than ntfs permissions.

This link has an entire application for changing ntfs permissions

and here is another ee answer for vba

As you can see this is not an easy programming task.

Note: By default child objects will inherit security permissions from the parent

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creative555Author Commented:
THank you so much for the response. It would be a lot easier to use powershell script that would read the input csv file and remove NTFS permissions that I listed from the specified folders.

Could you please suggest the powershell script that would do that. Thank you so much.
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