My Dell Precision T3400 ramdomly shuts down but immediately starts back up. Do you know a possible fix for this?

My desktop has been shutting down randomly but starts right back up and takes me to the screen that asks if I want to start it normally. I have a Dell Precision T3400 workstation. My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium.
The problem does not occur everyday, but some days it happens more than once. Today it shut down 4 times.
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Check it's blowing hot air out the back.  Computers sometimes shut down if they overheat.  You may need to dust the computer, or reapply thermal paste to the CPU.  You can download and install HWMonitor, which will give you thermal readouts:

Let us know what temperatures you're running at.

You can also try replacing the power supply in the tower with a better aftermarket brand.  The following should work:

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Check your memory with memtest86.exe and allow the memory test to run for a while.
Check your hard drive for errors with the manufacturer's disk test utility.
Get TDS Killer from Kaspersky and check for root kit viruses.

Please let us know.
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
To epichero22.
Thank you for your response to my question.  I've attached a file with the temperature readings from my computer.  Please check the chart and let me know that they are ok.  They appear to be within the min and max values..
Also, I checked the back of the computer and it doesn't seem to be blowing hot air out the back.
I suppose the next step would be to try reapplying the thermal paste you suggested.  Would I purchase that online?
If that doesn't help, I will replace the power supply.
Please let me know what you think.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Did you try the other tests suggested?  Especially if it is not overheating.
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
I have not done the other tests yet but will do next. Thank you.
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I believe I forgot to attach the temperature file. It is attached below.
Your core temperatures are looking just fine.  But it's TEMPIN0 that I'm worried about.  I really doubt anything in your computer is generating that much heat as it would melt the motherboard, but, if that is the culprit that's randomly turning you off, then I'm assuming it wouldn't let you run any programs to see what the temp is, either.

I would try a power supply replacement at this point, and perhaps update the computer's BIOS for good measure:
since it does not happen every day, you can start swappiong parts  like ram, PS  and disconnecting unused devices, like disk and cd drives

if this is your system :

it looks fairly old, and may suffer from bad capacitors, so inspect the mobo for bulging and leaking capacitors :c
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
I think your computer is crashing but as you do not have BSOD behavior configured it simply restarts.
Right click on My Computer  - Properties - Advanced System Settings - Advanced - startup & recovery.
Configure what the system does in case of crash. Select creating minidump.
Save the changes and wait till next "self-restart" of the system.
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
I apologize for not answering sooner but I had to order new parts and wait for shipment.  I received a new power supply yesterday 8/25/15 and installed it.  It appears that the computer is working fine but will have to give it a few days to know whether or not it will shut down since it happened randomly and not every day.
I would accept changing the power supply as a solution since it seems to be working better.
Thank you for your help and input.


nice to hear that
i suggested such :  since it does not happen every day, you can start swappiong parts  like ram, PS
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
Thank you. Most of the parts have already been replaced, motherboard ram and so on. That's why I thought it was worth giving it a shot to try to fix it. But we'll see, hopefully this did the trick.
Power supplies are things that do have a lifetime on them, so changing them periodically would be a good decision to make.

What kind of power supply did you get?
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
I got the power supply that you recommended, the AURUM S 400W R. Seems to be a very good one, 5 year warranty.  I read reviews on it before purchasing and just about every review was positive.  
Just to let you know and everyone else that commented on my question, my computer did shut down this evening. I was very disheartened.  I thought I fixed the problem.  
So where do I go from here? Anyone have any ideas of what else could be causing it to shut down?  Or what else I could try?
I was hoping that I wouldn't have to buy a whole new computer but may not have an alternative.
OK, you can check the Windows Event Log for errors that might explain why your computer shut down.  Click start and type in eventvwr.msc.  When that opens, go through the categories to see if there was an error right before the shutdown.

And sorry to hear the power supply didn't solve it - if you do purchase a new computer, you can replace whatever power supply is in that computer with the one you purchased.  They're much better quality.
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks. I'll check out the events log. Just for your info, I don't get an error before it shuts down. Do you think if someone else does, that may help?
I'm not sure at this point.  Does Windows say it wasn't shut down properly when you start it back up?
if you have enough disk space, or a spare drive, you can also install a copy of the OS - or another one on that disk or partition
then run a couple of days from that one - just to see if it still happens; this would show if the problem comes from soft - or hardware
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Don't you want to answer or follow my suggestion in ID: 40934369?
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
Yes noxcho I do. I have just been doing one thing at a time to see just where the problem is.  I will do that today.  I need to use the computer during the day so I will do this after 5:00 EST.  
I sure do appreciate everything that all of you are doing to help.  It takes me a little while because I'm not as tech savvy as you are, but manage to get through it.
Hoopefully we'll figure it out.
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
epichero, I don't actually start it back up. When it shuts down it restarts on its own and takes me to the login screen.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
If you get to System Advanced Settings - Advanced - Startup and Recovery - do you have the same settings as I do? See screen shot.
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
Ok nobus, I'll try to figure that out,. It would be good to eliminate one more thing if possible. Good idea.

Also epichero22 I have attached a screenhot of the event log you told me to check.  I'm not sure what I'm looking for, so I hope the attachment helps to let you know what you need.  Or if I need to do something else in that page, let me know.
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
noxcho, yes I do. Here is a copy of my screen, attached.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
And when you press on Settings - of Startup and Recovery?
What do you see there? Because my screen shot shows something different....
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
noxcho, here is a screen shot of the startup and recovery settings screen.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Ok, can you uncheck there "Automatically restart"? Also, select instead of MEMORY.DMP a Small Memory Dump (256KB).
Save the settings. Then wait till the restart occurs again. You should be able to see a Blue Screen Of Death with message on it.
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
Will I be able to get out of that blue death screen once I get that message?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Yes, by manual restart.
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
Ok, I'll do it later on today and will let you know what the message is.
also - did you run sfc yet?
or a disk check for errors?
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
no I haven't. What is sfc?
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
If I try to start swapping out all the parts, is there a processor you can recommend? Even if I end up having to buy a new computer I'd like to have this one as a backup if it doesn't turn out to be too costly. Are processors very expensive? I know it depends on what I get, but I'm not sure what I'd need for this computer.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Before you find out the reason of the problem don't replace any part.
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
Ok, I'm about to do some of things you suggested. like changing the settings.
you can use the minimum setup though (does not need parts):
so run with cd drive (s) and extra disks disconnected - no external devices - only 1   ram stick                  (Short-overview-of-how-to-troubleshoot-bad-hardware-when-a-pc-does-not-post)

in case the disk has problems

do you have any spare parts?  PS, ram disk, cd drive?
nikschagtownAuthor Commented:
Hi nobus. I do not have any spare parts. I run those links you sent me after the work day today and will have the weekend in case I need it. Thanks
Hey guys!!! did you ever stop to think that this may be the hard drive????
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you read back to the beginning, you will see we suggested just that.
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