Exchange server 2013 removed from server 2012 domain and re-joined, now the services won't start

Daniel Forrester
Daniel Forrester used Ask the Experts™
I had to remove the exchange server I currently run from the domain as I had trust issues when trying to login and re-joined the domain and now the exchange services wont load, please help!!
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Gaurav SinghSolutions Architect

Can you please check the event logs what error are you getting in the event logs
Hardik DesaiIT Architect and Trainer

Try running /PrepareAD and /PrepareDomain see if that works, if not you will have to recover the server /recoverserver
Top Expert 2015

Did you reset password for exchange computer account in AD before re-joining in domain.

Also see if error is in respective to certificates... may be your computer certificate is revoked you may need to renew it.

I wont suggest to run prepare ad and prepre domain as there is no issue with your AD.

also check exchange computer membership it should be member of Exchange Servers, Exchange org and Exchange trust Subsystem group.

Last option  is  left with recover server.
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Hardik DesaiIT Architect and Trainer

The secure channel between the Exchange Server and AD is broken. PrepareAD / PrepareDomain will help you fix that. Certainly there is not issue with AD.
Administrator- Data Center & Network
Make sure that  the exchange server is a member of the following Groups in your AD.
Domain Computers
Exchange Enterprise Servers
Exchange Install Domain Servers
Exchange Servers
Exchange Trusted Subsystem
Then make sure to delete the user profile which was present during removal.
Make sure that the DNS entries are present for the exchange server in your AD.
AmitIT Architect
Distinguished Expert 2017

You need to perform server recovery now. Reset Exchange server account in AD, rejoin server to domain. Then run below command

Setup /m:RecoverServer /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms


If this server is part of DAG, then recovery process it bit complicated. You can check my article for 2010, steps will be same for 2013. If your server is part of DAG, else ignore it and use above method.


excellent Zac, this did the trick and enabled me to run the update.

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