Voice / Data Cabling question

My question to cabling experts...can data/voice use the same POE port on a switch via a patch panel? I was looking at the office cable schematics today for one office that has a data and voice port which I traced back to port 23 on the patch panel then port 3 on the switch. If I unplugged the data port I can see the link down but if I unplug the ip phone I see no changes in the port status.
Shane TaylorAsked:
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WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
I recommend you use separate cabling between VOIP and data, I've had too many clients unhappy with it any other way, even with a high-end router like an ad-tran to control packets.

I recommend two RJ-45 ports at the wall outlet, one for VOIP and the other for data.

From the RJ-45 panel on the wall have each line (VOIP and data) go into the patch panel separate. Data route directly into your switch and VOIP directly into the POE device. If you only have the POE device, for example an ad-tran router create a virtual switch, one for data and the other for VOIP.

Reason for all this is pushing a 80khz signal (voice/voip) through a data line with video and MP3's, etc the voice with get pushed out, doesn't take much. Not out but there will be small gaps of silence when the packets are catching up which causes the person to say, "are you there" all the time because it sounds like a disconnect. If you've ever experience it, it's annoying.

Also, do not use anything lower than CAT-5E, this is pushing it. I would use CAT-6.

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WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
If I unplugged the data port I can see the link down but if I unplug the ip phone I see no changes in the port status.
when the cable is disconnected its for obvious reasons, the link light on the switch is open (no loop pointing back with a signal). When you disconnect the ipphone it's likely reading the cable to the other part of the phone or most of the time the phone then goes onto a computer. VOIP is not available at this point but the link light shows active because it's reading a ping back from a device through the cable.
Shane TaylorAuthor Commented:
The way the cabling was done is confusing to me since there are no labels or documentation for it. I actually see a separate data and voice outlet in the office (which is listed as port 23 in the schematic) and the same in all the cubicles but it looks like they all merge back to a single port on the patch panel. Also, when I look at the ports on the switch for the user and phone vlans they are the same.
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
hopefully they didn't use one RJ-45 for both, I've seen this before. You could pull a faceplate and see how many cables are behind it. One split to both connectors or hopefully two.

It's not a bad idea to buy a cable tester at your local computer store, they run about $5.
Shane TaylorAuthor Commented:
This is what I see on the switch  for the vlans:

user vlan
phone vlan
Also, the outlets look normal in the offices and cubicles:
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