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I am looking for a command or a tool + the needed commands for the tool in order to test write speed to disk on a linux VM.

The write test should consist of writing multiple files (100 files, 1MB each) and at the end or while the process is running I would like to see the stats, what was the writing speed to disk.

The above is required to work both on local disk write and on NFS mount.

I've used the dd command and afterwards splitting the masterfile created into several files, but it only split the master file to 1 file and I did not see any stats while doing so anyway.

I need to compare both write and read speed between writing/reading to local disk of the VM and to NFS mount while the test is writing several files and not 1 file.

Thank you.
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Bonnie++ is a small utility with the purpose of benchmarking file system IO performance. It’s commonly available in Linux repositories or available from source from the home page.
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iozone can do that exactly like you describe.
remember disk benchmarks should write and read back significantly more than any disk caches to get down to disk speed.

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