Trying to return a range of results from access with just one criteria

I am trying to do a Microsoft Access 2013 query to return 7 days or results given just the first day. So the user will put in the date for Sunday and the query will return results for Sunday to Saturday.

I know I can have them do start date and end date but that seems excessive when they will always be looking for results for a specific range given the first date of the range.
If there is a way to even just query by a week somehow like "i want the 48th week of 2015" then that will work.

Any help is appreciated.
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
I don't know that you could do that directly in a query without a lot of extra baggage, but in most cases when I want users to view a particular set of data, I'll create a small form that allows them to select the criteria, and then call my Form/Report from there. So if I have a report named "rSales", I'd create a form with a couple of Date fields, and I'd default those Date fields on opening to the current date (for my Start date) and +7 days for the "End" date.

I'd include a button that would run this code:

Dim sFilter as String
If Len(Me.txtStartDate)>0 Then
  If IsDate(Me.txtStartDate) Then
    sFilter = "YourDateField >=#" & Me.txtStartDate & "#"
  End If
End If

If Len(Me.txtEndDate) > 0 Then
  If IsDate(Me.txtEndDate) Then
    If Len(sFilter) > 0 Then
      sFilter = sFilter & " AND "
    End If
    sFilter = sFilter & " YourDateField <=#" & Me.txtEndDate & "#"
  End If
End If

'/ now open the report:
DoCmd.OpenReport "rSales", acViewPreview, , sFilter

Of course, you'd have to be sure to change Table, Field and Control names to match your own.

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Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
I agree with Scott regarding entering start and end dates on a form, and referencing those controls in your query.  but to simply do what you are looking for in a query, the syntax might look like:

Parameters [Enter week start date] datetime;
SELECT * FROM yourTable
WHERE [DateField] >= [Enter week start date]
AND [DateField] < DateAdd("d", 7, [Enter week start date])
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
<No Points wanted> Scott and Dale have already answered your question directly...

Just some small notes here.
Within the context of your question, you are dealing with two different concepts.
Sunday to Saturday
i want the 48th week of 2015
How you define a "Week" will effect each of your points
Is week 7 days?
Is a week Sunday Through Saturday?, or Monday through Sunday (ISO-8601)?
A year can have a varying number of weeks, some years have 52 weeks, others may have 53
A "week" can span two years (a few days from the end of 2014, and a few days from the start of 2015)

GjdaltonAuthor Commented:
Thank you all. Great answers!
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